What Amber Heard was seen doing right in the courtroom left jaws on the floor

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard court case has been full of shocking moments.

And Amber Heard’s actions have captured everyone’s full attention.

That’s why what Amber Hear was seen doing in the courtroom left jaws on the floor.

There was no question the new daytime courtroom drama that is actor Johnny Depp’s real-life defamation lawsuit would be a TV and Internet sensation.

Two infamous actors, scandalous claims and charges from both sides, lawyers who object to their own questions, and well, let’s just say two “quirky” personalities.

But not even the most hardened entertainment reporters expected the spectacle we’ve witnessed so far.

And it reached a new “high” during Amber Heard’s second day of testimony.

Johnny Depp’s troubled former wife, and “Aquaman” actress, took the stand for her second day to make a series of disturbing allegations against her eccentric ex-husband.

As Heard seemingly broke down in tears on the stand while she described the sordid details of Depp’s alleged drug and alcohol-fueled abuse against her, she reached for her tissues.

And that in itself didn’t seem strange, after all she was crying, wasn’t she?

But then Heard did something more reminiscent of Al Pacino in Scarface than of a poor damsel in distress.

Well, you can see for yourself to decide exactly what she was doing . . .

A video of Heard’s strange tissue-to-nose action has been making the rounds on social media, getting over 5 million views in just a matter of hours.

BlazeTV host Chad Prather shared the viral video with the “blazing” caption “Yo sis. What you doin?”

And as you can expect, the reactions were amazing.

While we can’t be certain Amber took a bump, it sure seemed like it.

And based on the responses to the video, most people agreed.

Of course, some of Amber Heard’s fans and P.R. tried to defend her, but they blew it.

In fact, one website came out in “defense” of the actress claiming she was snorting menthol, which is a well-known trick in the acting business to help with the appearance of crying.

Not the best defense we’ve seen for Ms. Heard’s actions.

Of course, given some of what we’ve heard about Heard, snorting a little menthol – or cocaine, even – may not be the worst of her actions.

At least she didn’t decide to use the witness stand as her toilet.

But this trial isn’t over yet!

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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