VP Harris stumbled through an answer after being caught off guard by a reporter

It appears that Vice President Harris’ handlers are keeping her somewhat hidden from the public for now.

On the rare occasion she makes a public appearance, her answers are scripted, and she is careful not to wander off-topic.

But recently, VP Harris stumbled through an answer after being caught off guard by a reporter.

The Biden administration pushed hard to sell the $1.9 trillion-dollar COVID bailout bill.

Both the White House and the Democrats in Congress sugar-coated what the spending bill included and attempted to hide large portions of it so the American people wouldn’t know where their tax dollars were really being spent.

Harris was recently asked what should have been a simple question for the Vice President of the United States, but she seemed flustered and unable to give a real answer.

The question was about the trillions of dollars in tax increases the Democrats were planning to put in the next legislative package.

Like any good politician, Harris tried to dance around the question but instead fumbled through a rather strange answer.

Vice President Harris actually claimed that Democrats had no idea what legislation they would move next.

“We haven’t really figured out what the next phase is going to be, to be honest with you,” Harris stated.

Odd answer from the Democrat Vice President of the United States. Shouldn’t she know what’s coming down the pike?

Reporters also wanted to know why, if the COVID bailout bill was so popular, as the Democrats stated it was, they felt the need to sell it to the American public.

Harris went on to basically lie to the press by telling them they were not on a PR push.

She said they weren’t “selling” – they were “letting people know their rights.”

According to Harris, the American people are not smart enough to know the bill’s benefits, and she feels that the Democrats need to give them the information.

“You buy a product, you’ve already been sold on the product, but you need some directions on the box usually.  These are the things we are doing to let people know what they are entitled to and to spread the word. Think of it more as a public education campaign,” Harris stated.

Telling the voters that they need help understanding the atrocious spending happening in this piece of legislation isn’t going to win Harris any popularity contests.

It’s likely best her handlers continue to keep her hidden away.

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