Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin gave Joe Biden a devastating reality check over this colossal blunder

Glenn Youngkin from Virginia, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is the weakest President since Jimmy Carter.

America’s enemies are poised to take advantage. 

And Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin gave Joe Biden a devastating reality check over this colossal blunder.

Sensing weakness in President Joe Biden, China is stepping up its aggression.

China brazenly violated American airspace by sending a spy balloon on a surveillance mission over the country.

Biden helplessly watched the balloon fly over the country before it was finally shot down.

After former President Donald Trump’s tough stance against the country, the Chinese are capitalizing on Biden’s refusal to confront them. 

Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin blocked a Ford electric battery plant in the state because of concerns that the plant’s partnership with China was a security risk.

The plant would have been run by a Chinese company with ties to the communist government.

During an appearance on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, Youngkin slammed Joe Biden for his “weak” leadership on China.

He was asked what the country’s relationship with China should look like given the threat they pose. 

“We first have to identify the fact that the Chinese government’s role is to dominate the world and do it at the expense of the United States,” Youngkin said. “We’re seeing bipartisan support for that view but unfortunately the Democrats tend to pull up short.”

Some Congressional Democrats are starting to come around to the growing Chinese threat.

“That’s big stop number one is that this is not a friendly rivalry,” Youngkin continued. “This is in fact a race to win the future of the globe and China’s trying to do it at the expense of the United States.”

Youngkin pointed out that Virginia and other states have taken action to ban the Chinese social media app TikTok, which sends a vast amount of data back to mainland China.

The Biden regime began to take action against TikTok after Republican-led states stepped up. 

“I don’t call that leadership, I call it following,” Youngkin said.

The Virginia Governor laid out his vision for standing up to the Chinese.  

“We cannot be weak and what the Biden administration has been at every step along the way with China is weak,” Youngkin explained.

China is flexing its growing economic muscle to build inroads around the world by purchasing farmland, real estate, and businesses to quietly build their influence.

“Finally, we have to recognize is that the most coercive step of the Chinese government is through economic imperialism,” Youngkin said. “In the last five years they have fundamentally shifted, and they are projecting their communist ideology through economics around the world. And we’ve got to recognize this and stand up for those most trusted industries that we know are the future of the United States.”

Republican-led states like Florida and Virginia are attempting to combat Chinese influence by trying to ban them from purchasing property or contracting with key government sectors like information technology. 

Republican states are stepping up and doing the job that Joe Biden refuses to do and combat Chinese influence. 

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