UFO sightings confirmed by U.S. sailors but military brass tries to sweep it under the rug

    Russia continues its attacks into Ukraine.

    And the Communist Chinese are continuing their aggressive actions in Southeast Asia.

    Now dozens of U.S. sailors have confirmed UFO sightings but military brass is desperately trying to sweep it under the rug.

    We live in dangerous times.

    The world seems to be falling further and further into chaos, warfare, and economic ruin.

    Russia is getting more and more aggressive not just in Ukraine, but in other European nations, and in the Middle East.

    The tentative Middle East peace brokered by President Donald Trump is ripping apart under Joe Biden’s aimless foreign policy.

    And Communist China appears ready to pounce on Taiwan, Korea, and other Southeast Asian nations.

    Here at home things aren’t much better.

    Inflation is the worst it’s been in decades. The radical, violent left led by Antifa is promising a summer of bloodshed and destruction, and democrats have joined the calls for attacks on the Supreme Court.

    As if all that weren’t enough, now we have increased and more credible than ever reports of UFOs swarming our shores.

    And these UFOs are a real potential threat to our military and our nation.

    Now we aren’t saying these are little green men from outer space, but they are something, and even the U.S. Military is acknowledging their existence.

    And while UFOs do not necessarily imply that there is a little green man driving the aircraft, it does not rule it out either.

    These UFOs could be from a foreign government that has some sort of military capability that we don’t know about.

    They could be aircraft our own government is not telling us about.

    But whatever they are, they are out there, and posing a threat.

    And while it’s true that thousands of people report seeing UFOs each year, (many of them either falsely or reporting some explainable phenomena) what really makes sightings convincing is when they are seen by a number of people at the same time.

    That’s the case with this latest sighting by some sailors aboard U.S. Navy warships off of the coast of California.

    And what makes this sighting even more spectacular is that not only was it seen by dozens of witnesses who also happen to be members of the U.S. Navy, but they witnessed hundreds of objects.

    As the Daily Mail reported, “The incident went on for hours, and then happened again and again throughout the month, with craft hovering and zipping around near the fleet with flashing multicolored lights.”

    U.S. officials tried to dismiss the incident, Deputy Director for Naval Intelligence Scott Bray said he was “reasonably confident” the UFOs were only drones.

    The Daily Mail reported however, “But documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, in an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, says that crew from the ships have told him the swarms of ‘at least 100’ UFOs possessed unexplainable capabilities far beyond traditional drones. And he warned that unless the government can determine who was behind the swarm, the intelligence failure would ‘dwarf our mistakes made surrounding the events of 9/11.’”

    And Corbell further said this, “I don’t care if these were ‘drones’ or true UFOs, pyramids, triangles or even seagulls with lights strapped onto their wings. I want the fundamental question to be answered. Do we know the controllers of these units?”

    That of course is the important question, and the one the U.S. Military won’t answer.

    No matter what these aircraft were, where did they come from, and are they a threat?

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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