U.S. sailors made a daring Middle East rescue. Now they’ve been reunited with the ones they rescued

    There is no doubt there’s a lot of bad things happening in the world.

    But sometimes there is good news to report.

    These U.S. sailors made a daring Middle East rescue and saved these two from near-certain death. Now they’ve been reunited.

    Every day we are inundated with bad, even horrible news.

    Russians bombing and killing innocent civilians in Ukraine.

    Communist Chinese forces on the march.

    Hunter Biden’s latest disgusting escapades out in the open on social media for all to see.

    And of course, a U.S. economy being driven into the dirt by a failed Joe Biden presidency and a socialist leaning Congress hell-bent on destroying the American republic.

    Gas prices are soaring, farms are failing, the border is teeming with criminals, terrorists and human traffickers, and violent crime is going unchecked and unpunished by George Soros backed district attorneys.

    But there is still good in the world.

    This recent story shows that every now and then some good news does happen, and even is reported.

    As reported by Fox News, two helpless dogs in the Middle East faced terrible abuse and almost-certain death until two U.S. sailors rescued them and also found a way to get them out of there and on a path to a safer, healthier and happier dog life.

    Married couple Chief Petty Officer Matt Johnson and veteran Coreen Johnson made the decision to take in the two needy pups, Ruby and Sunny, while they were deployed to the Middle East.

    However, they soon learned they would be sent to Japan and it threatened to break up their happy dog home.

    Coreen told Fox News Digital, “We were just kind of left not knowing what to do.”

    With very limited resources to transport the two animals to Japan with them, the Johnsons reached out to the Long Island, New York-based nonprofit Paws of War for “immediate” help.

    “I didn’t know what to do because we had to leave, and I could not live without them,” she told Fox.

    “We don’t have children of our own,” she added. “These dogs are our family — and Paws of War totally understood that.”

    According to its website the New York-based Paws of War, headed up by its co-founder Robert Misseri, has brought over 300 dogs and cats to safety in the U.S. since 2014.

    All of these animals were rescued by American troops stationed overseas.

    Paws of War was able to navigate the immense challenges of getting rescue animals out of the Middle East and was able to locate a flight to Japan for the two dogs.

    Now that the sailors and dogs are reunited, Coreen shared her happiness at having the family of four back together.

    “We didn’t know what to do with ourselves without them,” she told Fox. “We’ve been kind of wandering around just missing them.”

    “Now we’re so happy.”

    Coreen added that their new home in Japan isn’t even furnished yet, but Ruby and Sunny are all they need.

    “We don’t need our stuff,” she said. “We’re just happy to have them with us.”

    They rescued Ruby, from a dog fighting ring where she was being held as bait for the fighting dogs.

    And Sunny was being tortured and burned, he had a fractured skull and was being lit on fire when they swooped in and rescued him.

    It’s fair to say, all are much happier today.

    Good news does exist, and sometimes, even in these dark days, the media actually reports it.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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