Two RINOs just dishonored every 9/11 victim by siding with Democrats

9/11 is a day that no American alive that day will forget.

3,000 American lives were lost on that day that changed America forever. 

And two RINOs just dishonored every 9/11 victim by siding with Democrats. 

Democrats are no stranger to downplaying the horrific 9/11 terrorist attack. 

Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) infamously downplayed the attack by simply describing it as “some people” doing “something.”

They have also used many occasions to compare coronavirus to the Islamic terrorist attack.

But perhaps their most sickening move is through a proposed commission to investigate violence at the Capitol on January 6.

After already comparing that day – where the only person killed was a protester who was shot by a Capitol Police officer – to 9/11, like in an Atlantic article which stated, “We must remember 1/6 the way we remember 9/11,” they have taken things to a new level. 

Democrats are pushing a commission to investigate violence on January 6, and are promoting it as being modeled after the 9/11 commission report.

Comparing a few hours of violence, which only a fraction of attendees were involved in, to the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil isn’t just far-fetched, it is despicable. 

And as it turns out, there are Republicans willing to side with them on this.

The bill creating the commission has already passed the U.S. House, with 35 Republicans, led by Rep. Liz Cheney (WY) voting for its creation.

And as it moves to the Senate, two “Republicans” have already signaled they will side with Nancy Pelosi and Democrats to vote in favor of the commission. 

Sen. Mitt Romney (UT) announced that he “would support” the bill in the Senate. 

He was asked by reporters about the commission, and responded, “I would support the bill.”

With the Senate split 50-50, Romney’s support is very helpful for Democrats. 

But due to the 60 vote threshold needed to break the filibuster, it won’t be enough.

That’s why Democrats are trying to flip Republicans, and have succeeded when it comes to Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK).

According to Politico, Murkowski has said she will vote yes on the January 6 commission bill.

This is all a political act put on by the Left.

They want people to believe that Trump supporters are violent terrorists. 

Basing the commission on the 9/11 commission is their sick way of doing that, regardless of how much it downplays the 9/11 attacks.