Twitter dropped the ban hammer on this key Senator’s account after he posted this picture

Elon Musk has made some big changes at Twitter.

But the woke activists behind the scenes at Twitter are still working to shut down anyone they disagree with.

And Twitter dropped the ban hammer on this key Senator’s account after he posted this picture.

Conservatives, libertarians, Christians, and free speech advocates all cheered when Elon Musk purchased Twitter.

He promised to make huge changes to stop the assault on anyone the leftists at Twitter disagreed with.

The Twitter files opened up some eyes

And as one of his first acts, Musk authorized the release of the Twitter Files, proving that coordinated censorship of Americans did go on as the government colluded with the company to shut down accounts and control narratives and, in fact, it was worse than anyone thought.

They shut down the sitting President of the United States.

Twitter blocked anyone posting COVID information that went against the government’s views.

And they even hid and tried to delegitimize the Hunter Biden laptop story, likely causing Joe Biden’s election.

And they did this all of this working with the FBI and other federal agencies.

Elon Musk promised he would change all that once he took the helm.

And for the most part, things are better.

No hunting allowed

But there are still woke leftist activists working at Twitter behind the scenes.

And they are still trying their best to shut down conservative speech on the platform.

Take for example what Twitter just did to Republican Senator Steve Daines of Montana.

Twitter suspended Daines’ Twitter account merely because his profile photo showed him posing with an antelope after a successful hunt with his wife. 

This is according to a screenshot of a Twitter message sent to Daines.

Daines’ account is “temporarily unavailable because it violates the Twitter Media Policy,” according to a disclaimer written in his biography on Twitter. 

According to a screenshot posted by Axios reporter Josh Kraushaar, Daines’ profile picture violated Twitter’s “sensitive media policy” because it contained “graphic violence or adult content.” 

The policy referred to by Kraushaar states that users can’t “post media that is graphic or share violent or adult nudity and sexual behavior” in video or in profile or banner images. 

Delete your photo

Twitter told Daines he had to delete the photo.

Daines talked to the Daily Caller News Foundation about the Twitter dust up.

“My wife is a great shot. What can I say?” Daines told the Daily Caller.

The policy in question reads, “People use Twitter to show what’s happening in the world, often sharing images and videos as part of the conversation. Sometimes, this media can depict sensitive topics, including graphic content and adult nudity and sexual behavior. We recognize that some people may not want to be exposed to sensitive content, which is why we balance allowing people to share this type of media with helping people who want to avoid it to do so.”

Twitter defines “graphic content” as “any media that depicts death, violence, medical procedures, or serious physical injury in graphic detail.” 

Examples include crimes or accidents, fighting, abuse, bodily fluids and “mutilated animals.”

When asked about the suspension by CNN, a Republican Senatorial Committee spokesperson said, “This is insane. Twitter should immediately reverse this suspension.” 

Twitter backs down

Elon Musk had Twitter change the policy and restore Senator Daines’ account after conservatives were up in arms over how outrageous the suspension was.

Senator Daines said in a statement, “The initial ban over the profile photo of my wife and me after a successful Montana antelope hunt was disappointing given the  fact that it is no different than photos Montanans share on social media every day.” 

The only real difference is, regular Montanans don’t have access to press attention and fellow Senators to get the word out about their unjust suspensions and contest them.

It looks like Elon Musk has a lot more work to do.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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