Tucker Carlson will not be silenced and what he said this time has everyone looking over their shoulders

Tucker Carlson’s ratings continue to soar.

This is largely due to his desire to tell the American people the truth about what is really happening behind the closed doors of the United States government.

When it comes down to it, Tucker Carlson will not be silenced and what he said this time has everyone looking over their shoulders.

On a recent episode of Carlson’s highly rated Fox News show, the host discussed Attorney General Merrick Garland’s statement that white supremacist terrorists are the greatest threat to the homeland.

According to Garland, the January 6 incident at the Capitol nearly destroyed American democracy.

“We came this close.  We must adopt a broader societal response to tackle the problem’s deeper roots,” stated Merrick.

Carlson went on to warn his viewers of authoritarianism that is slowly making its way into American life.

The Fox News host said that the Left is using the events of January 6 to push for the use of military force to keep anyone that opposes the Biden administration down.

As Carlson stated, there is a very clear plan by Biden and his team to use the security state to jail their political opponents.

This is not the government the Founding Fathers laid out all those years ago.

Carlson went on to compare the Biden administration fighting to detain those arrested for the January 6 events to that of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s system of jailing his political opponents.

“And why are all those January 6 protesters still in prison on trespassing charges as so many Biden voters who torched Federal buildings walking free? What’s the answer to that question? If all of that was going on in Russia, we would rightly call it scary. We would call Putin a dictator. In fact, we do call him a dictator,” Carlson stated.

More about the events of January 6 is coming to light, and Tucker Carlson is making sure that the American people know about it.

For example, he discussed the thousands of hours of video footage from that day that the government hid and the fact that the identity of the Capitol Hill Police Officer that killed an unarmed Ashli Babbit has never been released.

The Biden administration is hiding information the American people have a right to know about, and they’re doing it under the guise of “protecting” the citizens.

In reality, all the current White House team is doing is paving the way for complete and total control of anyone that doesn’t agree with their agenda.

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