Tucker Carlson said eight words about the tragedy in Texas that Democrats are going to hate

Democrats seized on an evil madman murdering 19 school children and two teachers to push massive new gun control laws.

But Democrats got some bad news.

And Tucker Carlson said eight words about the tragedy in Texas that Democrats are going to hate.

Democrats and their anti-gun allies in the Fake News Media pounced on the details of the shooting at Robb Elementary school to claim that only gun control can stop mass shootings.

That’s because law enforcement initially said the shooter engaged in gun fire with a school security officer before entering the building.

Democrats claim this undercuts the idea of good guys with guns being the only defense against bad guys with guns.

But that was a lie.

Law enforcement lied to the public.

The Texas Department of Public Safety finally admitted on Thursday that the shooter stood outside the school for 12 minutes firing his weapon before walking into the building unobstructed since there was no security guard present.

Police also stood outside the school for an hour waiting for a tactical unit to arrive while the killer was inside massacring children.

On his show that night, Tucker Carlson called out the police for their unconscionable act of incompetence.

“Why did that take so long? That is a fair question, in fact it’s a critical question. Even at the Parkland school shooting when police staged outside as students were being murdered, police wound up inside the building 11 minutes after the shooter,” Carlson told viewers. “But in this case, it was 16 minutes. Why was that? We have a right to know.

But today, the police wouldn’t say.”

Carlson also called out law enforcement for lying about a security guard being present and the gunman exchanging fire with police before entering the school.

“You would know right away if it happened or it didn’t,” Carlson added. “It didn’t happen, but they said it did happen. That’s a lie. Why did they lie?”

Finally, Carlson declared that “there’s only so much B.S. you can take,” and while it is important to support police, the actions of armed cops standing around and waiting while a killer shot students was indefensible.

“No matter how pro-law enforcement you are, and we are, there’s only so much B.S. you can take in the face of a tragedy like this. We’re waiting for specialized equipment? You have an 18-year-old with a firearm and little kids being killed. What kind of specialty equipment do you need? And negotiators, really? As children are being murdered?” Carlson concluded.

The Democrats’ claim that only gun control could have stopped this shooting is rooted in a lie.

An armed security guard on the premises along with locked doors that only opened from the inside would have prevented this tragedy.

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