Tucker Carlson revealed this surprising problem Democrats can’t escape in the election

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Democrats are getting nervous about Joe Biden being at the top of the ticket.

Their chances of holding the White House could be upended by a mistake from Biden’s past.

And Tucker Carlson revealed this surprising problem Democrats can’t escape in the election.

Rumors have been swirling about Democrats trying to replace President Joe Biden as the party’s Presidential nominee.

Biden is deeply unpopular and is facing serious questions about his mental fitness and his advanced age.

A new Presidential candidate would allow Democrats to wipe the slate clean after four disastrous years of Biden running the country.

Normally, the next line would be Vice President Kamala Harris but she’s even more unpopular than Biden is with voters.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that Democrats are stuck with Harris on the ticket because of identity politics on his social media-based show Tucker Carlson Uncensored.

Carlson speculated that Democrat donors would continue to fund former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s Presidential campaign, even if she continues to lose, to position her as an alternative to former President Donald Trump.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may very well run out of money and drop out, which would leave Haley as the last candidate standing beside Trump.

“…Donald Trump goes to jail and that could happen, too, to be honest,” Carlson explained. “And at that point, bam! Nikki Haley wins the Republican nomination by default.”

“Now, it’s not a foolproof plan. A lot could go wrong. But at this point, it’s the only plan. It’s all that Democrats have,” Carlson added.

Haley has become the Democrats best option for the President because they’re stuck with a Biden-Harris ticket according to Carlson.

“Joe Biden is going to have a very hard time getting re-elected, much less serving another term,” Carlson said. “It’s impossible to imagine. Yet the party cannot replace him, because that would leave Kamala Harris, who is even more unpopular than he is.”

Identity politics was why Harris was chosen as Vice President and has become a quasi-religion in the Democrat Party.

“Because Harris is a member of the new master race, she cannot be booted off a Presidential ticket. She must be shown maximum respect at all times, no matter what she says or does,” Carlson remarked. “And so that means the Democratic Party is stuck with two fatally unpopular candidates. It’s their doing, of course, but it’s a massive problem. They can’t get out of it.”

Democrats would face a revolt if they tried to replace a black woman, no matter how unpopular, because of her place in the hierarchy of identity politics.

The backup plan to ensure that nothing changes in the White House is to support Haley.

“So their only option at this point is to run a Republican who has the same views as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and that is exactly what they’re doing right now,” Carlson said. “No matter what they tell you and that candidate’s name is Nikki Haley.”

Democrats painted themselves into a corner because of their obsession with identity politics.

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