Tucker Carlson made this stunning announcement about running for President in 2024

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With Tucker Carlson out at Fox News Channel, everyone wants to know what his next move will be.

For three years, there has been speculation that Carlson will run for President.

And Tucker Carlson made this stunning announcement about running for President in 2024.

The idea of Tucker Carlson running for President strikes many as delicious irony as it would force Fox News to cover his campaign and provide a platform for Carlson to air his views.

After the 2020 election, some GOP donors floated the idea of Carlson running for President based on the idea that Carlson drew millions of viewers and served as the most articulate advocate for Donald Trump’s America First agenda.

Carlson previously denied any interest in running for President saying he loved his job as a talk show host.

“I have zero ambition, not just politically, but in life,” Carlson said at an event for the left-wing media outlet Semafor. “My ambition is to write my script by 8 p.m. […] I don’t want power, I’ve never wanted power — I’m annoyed by things, I want them to change — but I’ve never been motivated by a desire to control people.”

“I’m not running,” Carlson added. “I’m a talk show host! And I enjoy my job, by the way. What a blessing it is to say what you really think. Only women can get pregnant, I dare you to say that.”

Now that Carlson no longer had his job as a talk show host Insider senior correspondent Mattathias Schwartz wanted to know if Carlson reconsidered running for President.

“Are you going to run for President?” Schwartz wrote in a text message to Carlson.

Carlson decided to have some fun and responded that a campaign announcement was imminent.

“Yes. Announcing Friday in New Hampshire,” Carlson answered.

Schwartz thought he was on the verge of a major scoop and wanted Carlson to confirm that he planned to announce he was running for President on Friday.

“Can I call you? I would like to be first with this . . . But I can’t stand it up with one text . . . Let me know. A voice call would be helpful,” Schwartz responded.

Carlson couldn’t keep up the gag any longer and admitted he was trolling Schwartz.

“I can never control myself. I’m fundamentally a dick. My apologies,” Carlson added.

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