Tucker Carlson just took a sledgehammer to the Democrat Party by exposing one secret

The Democrat Party has a lot of secrets.

They know they will be done for if they are exposed.

And Tucker Carlson just took a sledgehammer to the Democrat Party by exposing one secret.

The Democrat Party is terrified of people knowing and understanding history.

It proves that all of their dangerous schemes like socialism not only don’t work, but have a bloody history of destruction and death everywhere they have been tried.

Tucker Carlson spoke about this when it comes to immigration during a segment on his massively popular Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight.

From the nation of Hungary, he spoke about the huge influx of illegal immigrants that country faced just a few years ago.

Carlson said, “Earlier this week, we traveled to the southern tip of Hungary along the southern border. It was at that spot, six years ago, hundreds of thousands of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East showed up in Hungary, hoping to reach the famously generous welfare states of Western Europe. By the time we arrived at that same border, all was quiet and peaceful.”

The Fox News host goes on to explain that the border was quiet and peaceful due to the response from Hungary’s government.

“It happened because Hungary is a serious, modern country that cares about its own citizens. Hungary has no desire to destroy itself, no desire to encourage crime and misery and unemployment in its cities — or for that matter, to contribute to the human trafficking of people fleeing from Syria,” Carlson continued. “When illegal aliens arrive at the Hungarian border, they’re photographed and then politely escorted back across the line. The whole process takes about half an hour. It is the most civilized thing we’ve seen in years.”

He concluded his point, saying, “As we watched it, we thought to ourselves: why can’t we have this in America?”

Carlson then answered his own question: “The answer, as you know, is because our leaders don’t want to have it. They benefit from the chaos and pain of illegal immigration. When the rule of law collapses, they become more powerful. That’s why we have open borders.”
Anybody with a brain understands the point Carlson is making.

But the Democrat Party is entirely against the point.

They know that in chaotic situations they can increase their power.

Not only that, but Democrats know that if they can flood the country with illegal aliens, destroying local economies, they can better sell their socialist agenda.

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