Tucker Carlson just shined a light on the disturbing new thing leftists are doing

Leftists are desperate to yank Tucker Carlson off the air.

They know he’s effective at exposing their worst and most destructive ideas.

And Carlson just shined a light on the disturbing new thing leftists are doing.

Journalist Christopher Rufo has become one of the people most instrumental in exposing radical leftist concepts that have crept into education, government, and even corporate America.

Now hospitals are being roped into the radical-left delusion.

Rufo appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to discuss how Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago is promoting radical gender theory in young kids.

The story first came to light when a children’s hospital in Boston was doing the same thing.

If it’s happening in one children’s hospital, it’s likely happening in two.

And if it’s happening in two, there’s no telling how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Rufo went into further detail on the issue, writing, “The primary training document, ‘Beyond Binary: Gender in Schools,’ follows the basic narrative of academic queer theory: white, Western society has created an oppressive gender binary, falsely dividing the world into the categories of man and woman, that has resulted in ‘transphobia,’ ‘cissexism,’ and ‘systemic discrimination’ against racial and sexual minorities. Versions of the document were attributed to Jennifer Leininger, associate director of Lurie’s Community Programs and Initiatives, and Hadeis Safi, a ‘nonbinary’ gender activist who uses ‘they/them’ pronouns and works for the hospital’s LGBTQ and Gender Inclusion program—which advertises its care for children with ‘gender expansive’ identities and offers ‘gender-affirming’ medical procedures, including puberty blockers for children.”

People shrugged off the “woke” leftists years ago, but this is the type of insanity they have been pushing behind the scenes for who knows how long.

Conservatives and centrists need to understand that these leftists are not joking when they talk about remaking all of society.

Rufo added, “The cynical interpretation of this pipeline would suggest that it is driven by the profit motive. But another current is ideological: radical gender activists believe that they are in a struggle for liberation from the system of ‘cisheteropatriarchy’ — and each ‘gender non-conforming’ child is another tool in that fight.”

Rufo is exactly correct.

Trans and gender activists are the most militant on the Left.

If they can indoctrinate kids into gender ideology, they have life-long activists that are almost impossible to deprogram.

That is why the Left are aggressively going after the children.

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