Tucker Carlson just got a huge job offer that Fox News is going to hate

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Fox News is beginning to realize it made a massive mistake in firing Tucker Carlson.

Now Fox News Channel’s worst nightmares may be about to come true.

And Tucker Carlson just got a huge job offer that Fox News is going to hate.

Former Fox News host and The Blaze founder Glenn Beck predicted that Fox News firing Tucker Carlson would prove to be the death knell of the network.

“I think that’ll kill Fox, I really do,” Beck declared. “I know so many people that still kinda like Fox, they watch other shows, but they’re like, Tucker is the only one I really trust. You lose Tucker Carlson, I think that really kills them.”

On April 28, The Five was the only show on the network to draw over 2 million viewers.

Primetime ratings tanked as viewers tuned out the network entirely.

“You’re getting rid of Tucker Carlson? Wow. Letting him walk out the door even? Wow,” Beck continued.

Beck then revealed to his audience that he became friends with Carlson and extended an offer for Carlson to come host a new show at The Blaze.

“Tucker Carlson and I have become friends, and hopefully I’ll be able to talk with him today,” Beck added. “I don’t know what the situation is, but Tucker, come to Jamaica. We would love to have you here, you won’t miss a beat, and together, the two of us would tear it up, just tear it up.”

Fox News is going to fight to keep Carlson off the air through the remainder of his contract, which expires at the end of 2024.

Carlson hired legal pit bull Bryan Freedman showing he is gearing up to fight Fox News to get out of his contract as soon as possible.

Once Carlson is free from Fox News, there will be a massive bidding war for Carlson’s new show.

Fox News’ ratings plummeting in the wake of Carlson’s departure will only serve to increase the scramble to sign up Carlson as whoever signs Carlson could bring in one million or more viewers who stopped watching Fox News in the wake of Carlson’s firing.

The Blaze, the Daily Wire, and Newsmax will be in the mix.

Carlson could also form his own company and host a podcast.

The options are wide open.

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