Tucker Carlson just gave a stern warning to the country after one horrific crime

Democrat-run cities are descending into chaos.

The problem accelerated in 2020 with months of violent riots.

And Tucker Carlson just gave a stern warning to the country after one horrific crime.

Pro-crime policies are destroying cities around the country.

Democrats are repeating the mistakes of the 1970s with “progressive” criminal justice initiatives that did nothing but make crime worse.

Repeat criminals are allowed back on the streets to terrorize more and more people.

And a career criminal in Memphis, Tennessee sexually assaulted and murdered a young woman named Eliza Fletcher in a horrific crime.

Fox New host Tucker Carlson mentioned that crimes like that have sadly become commonplace, and they will only get worse unless pro-crime policies are deep-sixed.

During a monologue, Carlson explained, “In the hours after Eliza Fletcher’s disappearance, Biden voters on social media seemed to dismiss the crime on racial grounds. ‘Why are we paying so much attention to the kidnapping of an attractive, privileged White woman? That’s racist.’ Others seem to blame Fletcher for the atrocity committed against her. ‘Why was she jogging at that hour, anyway? In Memphis? Come on.’ The point they’re making was clear: ‘Everyone knows the rules. Eliza Fletcher violated those rules. You can’t go outside his certain hours in certain places in America, obviously, and if you do, if you violate the rules, you run the risk of being raped and murdered. That’s how things work in this country. So, adapt. Accept it. Move on.’”

Carlson is highlighting the fact that crime has been normalized.

Certain areas have been surrendered to the criminals in Democrat strongholds.

In Memphis, it’s gangs and serial offenders, in Portland, it’s Antifa terrorists who firebomb courthouses.

Carlson continued, “An American citizen should be able to live or walk anywhere in America without being raped or murdered for it, period. That is the baseline requirement for civilization. It’s called order. But increasingly, that is not what we have. What we have is a country where you just can’t go some places. You’re not wanted there and it’s too dangerous for you to go. Most people accept this by default, but we should never accept this under any circumstances. To accept something is to concede that it is more or less normal.”

Carlson is correct, and the problem won’t be solved until the pro-crime policies that failed in the 1970s are retired for good.

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