Tucker Carlson just dropped this huge bombshell about entering the 2024 race

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Tucker Carlson finally made his intentions known about the Presidential race.

It took one video for Carlson to show his cards.

And Tucker Carlson just dropped this huge bombshell about entering the 2024 race.

A Draft Tucker Carlson PAC began promoting a video on social media urging Americans to sign up for an effort to draft Tucker Carlson into the Presidential race.

The GOP operatives behind the PAC – failed Congressional candidate Chris Ekstrom and GOP consultant Charlie Kolean – told The Hill their goal was to push the GOP Primary debate to the Right.

“I’m very concerned that they’re going to not move the debate as far right as it ought to be,” Ekstrom declared. “If Tucker Carlson entered the race in a reasonable amount of time and just continued in the same territory that he was covering at Fox, I think that’d be a rude awakening for both President Trump and Governor DeSantis.”

“I think it will move the conversation to the Right, just in a macro way, with candidates taking more solid stances rather than being like a moderate Republican,” Kolean added.

But Tucker Carlson wants no part of this effort.

And Carlson does not want his fans and supporters donating to a PAC that one of his associates described as a “scam.”

“From source close to Carlson: ‘Tucker has no intention of running for President and doesn’t want anyone donating to this scam PAC,’” the Daily Caller’s Henry Rogers reported.

Every election cycle, PACs pop up that put the name of a figure popular with the conservative grassroots in their name.

These PACs give the impression they are the official vehicles conservatives can donate money to and help elect either that person or support like-minded candidates.

But all too often these “scam PACs” are nothing more than get-rich-quick schemes for unethical consultants who pour all the money into more fundraising and the donations end up lining their own pockets.

Tucker Carlson made it clear his intention is to restart his show on Twitter.

And Carlson looks like he wants the word out through his allies that he regards a PAC trying to draft him into the Presidential campaign as a scam.

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