Tucker Carlson just called out this big-name Republican for stabbing Trump and his supporters in the back

Tucker Carlson has never pulled any punches.

Republicans and Democrats aren’t safe from his incisive questioning.

And Tucker Carlson just called out this big-name Republican for stabbing Trump and his supporters in the back.

The Left is doing everything in their power to reshape America into their socialist utopia.

Whether it’s flooding the southern border with illegal aliens in hopes they will be future voters, or spending the American people into the poor house, they are destroying what little hope Americans had.

And one of their biggest pushes has been to undo everything President Trump did in the federal court system.

They know if they can take over the courts, then any unconstitutional laws they pass will get a rubber stamp of approval.

And unfortunately, some RINO Republicans are all too happy to accommodate the Democrats.

But Tucker Carlson just called out one of them live on air.

Tucker Carlson singled out Lindsey Graham on his show recently, saying:

Well, it turns out, the Biden administration has been completely remaking the Federal Judiciary as the rest of us have been focused on Afghanistan. In just the past three months, without many people noticing it at all, the administration has gotten a remarkable number of its judges through.

Joe Biden has nominated 33 of them, nine of those judges have already been confirmed, and many more soon will follow.

So for perspective, no President in the past 40 years has come close to these numbers by this point in his first term.

Lindsey Graham is the only Republican on the Judiciary Committee who has not voted to reject a single judge the Biden administration has proposed, no matter how crazy they are. For procedural reasons, in a Senate split 50/50, Lindsey Graham’s support matters very much.

While Americans are distracted with Biden’s blunders abroad, it seems that so-called “moderate” Republicans are selling out to Biden at home.

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