Tucker Carlson just announced his next move and no one could believe what it was

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Tucker Carlson’s ousting at Fox News stunned the conservative movement.

Everyone is wondering if Carlson will start a new show somewhere else or even run for office.

Now Tucker Carlson just announced his next move and no one could believe what it was.

After much speculation, Tucker Carlson will make his first public appearance after Fox News fired him at a fundraiser in Alabama for a group called Rainbow Omega, which will be held at the Oxford Performing Arts Center in Oxford, Alabama.

The group assists “adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.”

Rainbow Omega’s website explains its mission is to “glorify God by ensuring that adults with developmental disabilities have a permanent and safe home where their abilities and potentials are respected and nurtured in a Christian environment.”

As soon as the appearance was announced, everyone immediately wondered if Carlson would address the circumstances surrounding his firing or any other current topics.

Puck News’ Tina Nguyen reported Carlson is “chomping at the bit” to get back in the game.

“Behind the scenes, his team told me last week, he was chomping at the bit to rejoin the public discourse, just as soon as his exit was negotiated,” Nguyen reported.

Carlson already released a video tease 48 hours after Fox News canned him, hinting that Fox News censored him over his opposition to the war in Ukraine and the official January 6 story while promising there was more to come.

It’s highly unlikely Carlson will speak on his Fox News departure as he is still trying to negotiate his way out of his Fox News contract.

But Carlson’s appearance at a faith-focused event will also stir even more rumors that he could very well end up running for President in 2024.

Carlson’s menu of options in front of him are limitless.

Fox News ratings declining nearly 30 percent in the first week after taking Carlson off the air combined with the fact that Carlson’s video racked up over 80 million views on Twitter shows Fox News needs Carlson more than Carlson needs Fox News.

And media watchers and conservatives will be focusing on Carlson’s appearance in Alabama to see if he drops a hint of what he plans to do next.

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