Tucker Carlson exposed the cringeworthy thing one RINO Governor did

Republicans are finally fighting back in the culture war.

But others are surrendering at the same time.

And Tucker Carlson exposed the cringeworthy thing one RINO Governor did.

For decades, Republicans have been too timid to fight the cultural battle being waged by the Left.

Donald Trump showed the Right that they had to push back, and politicians like Ron DeSantis are picking up that mantle.

But other Republicans are serving as hall monitors on the Right, and not in a useful way.

In a recent example, Utah Governor Spencer Cox expressed his gender pronouns when talking to young children during a virtual event.

Cox said, “My preferred pronouns are he, him, and his . . . So thank you for sharing yours with me.”

After seeing the obnoxious video, Carlson called Cox “a cut-rate Gavin Newsom imitator,” comparing him to California’s empty suit in the Governor’s mansion.

Carlson added, “What a creepy guy . . . Spencer Cox identifies as a male, at least to some limited extent. Cox could’ve cleared up that mystery a lot more quickly simply by declaring, ‘I’m a man.’ Instead, he went full hostage video . . . What exactly is the market for superfluous pronouns in Utah? Pretty limited. You would think most people in Utah don’t need to be told, yet somehow Spencer Cox is their Governor.”

Cox recently vetoed the Utah legislature’s passage of a bill that would bar biological males from competing in women’s sports.

However, the legislature overrode his veto.

Cox responded to Carlson’s critique by saying, “If you have to doctor a video to make a kind gesture to a nervous kid look bad, that says more about you than me: What did Tucker Carlson get wrong?”

Cox is referring to the fact that the video did not show the child first announcing her pronouns, but that misses the point.

Governor Cox did not have to play the Left’s game by declaring his gender pronouns as if there were any confusion.

This is precisely how the Right has surrendered in the culture war for many years.

Republicans like Cox accept the premises of the Left, and if they resist at all, the Left will browbeat them into submission.

Trump changed the game, and Republicans like Cox need to get on board.

They are operating under the old paradigm that tax cuts and deregulation alone can save the Right.

Without a presence in the culture, those ideas will fade away.

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