Tucker Carlson exposed how Biden’s “woke” agenda is destroying the military

The radical Left is corroding one American institution after another.

Not even the Armed Forces are immune to the insanity.

And Fox News host Tucker Carlson exposed how Biden’s “woke” agenda is destroying the military.

Barack Obama turned the U.S. military into a social experiment, and Joe Biden is carrying on in that tradition.

Biden signed an executive order that will allow transgender individuals in the military to get transition surgery on the taxpayers’ dime.

And while China is building out its military and threatening to capture Taiwan, the United States is focused on updating the haircut code for female personnel and providing maternity suits for pilots.

Tucker Carlson pointed out the bizarre obsession with “woke” politics in an organization that’s supposed to be a lethal fighting force.

Even worse, multiple official military accounts rebuked Carlson, which sets a dangerous precedent.

The U.S. military should not be going after a private citizen for expressing political opinions.

The politicization of the Armed Forces is yet another institution that’s been suffused with progressivism.

Wokeness is a disease that’s quickly rotting American organizations Left and Right, and the trend is disturbing.

When official military personnel in various branches are going after a political commentator, it’s a troubling sign.

Carlson has been one of the strongest non-interventionist voices on television, arguing for troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan, Syria, and other areas.

Yet it’s Carlson who is supposedly unduly attacking the military.

The establishment is desperate for a villain, and they’ve chosen Carlson as the new target with Donald Trump off social media.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is endangering American lives with these absurd ventures into wokeism.

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