Tucker Carlson called out Fox News for one surprising reason

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Tucker Carlson and Fox News are locked in a legal battle over Carlson’s future.

Fox News wants to keep Tucker Carlson on ice through the 2024 election due to fear of competition.

And Tucker Carlson called out Fox News for one surprising reason.

Tucker Carlson’s new show’s latest episode included an interview with the controversial Tristan Tate.

Tate and his brother Andrew are popular Internet commentators who take on the woke Left.

But the pair also are accused predators who are facing charges for rape and human trafficking in Romania.

The two also face accusations of exploiting women on social media and luring them into pornography with misleading promises.

In the interview, Tate tried to pitch himself as the latest victim of cancel culture and listed other individuals the Left silenced because elites deemed their views beyond the pale.

One of the people Tate mentioned was pro-Trump radio host Alex Jones.

Jones was the canary in the coal mine as every tech company banned Jones in a coordinated move in 2018 after a pressure campaign by CNN to silence him.

Tate said you did not have to agree with everything Jones said to support his right to speak and added that he liked Jones.

“I do too,” Carlson agreed.

Tate explained that he agreed with liberal host Bill Maher who also objected to Big Tech banning Jones as free speech means tolerating views you disagree with.

“I don’t agree with everything Alex Jones says, and you don’t have to. But Bill Maher famously — and credit to him — said when Alex Jones got banned, he said we shouldn’t be banning people. He said I hate Alex Jones, but Alex Jones should be allowed to talk, everyone should be allowed to talk in the town square,” Tate added.

Carlson bemoaned the fact that “no one defended” Jones and called out Fox News for not objecting to Big Tech silencing Jones.

“I was fishing out of the country and the company that I worked for, which is supposedly in favor of free speech, said not one word in his defense,” Carlson added.

As Carlson correctly predicted, Big Tech banning Jones was just the first step in a larger effort to silence conservatives.

Fox News thought Jones was a conspiracy theorist who got what he deserved so the network did not defend free speech.

Carlson knew that was the wrong move as it would be impossible to put the censorship genie back in the bottle.

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