Trump was vindicated when this news leaked out of the Biden administration

Donald Trump was sounding alarms about the origin of COVID-19 from the very beginning.

And Democrats have done everything they can to cover up the truth.

But Trump was vindicated when this news leaked out of the Biden administration.

Donald Trump was one step ahead of leftists throughout all of the COVID panic during his Presidency.

He was the first to say we needed to lockdown travel from China, all while Democrats decried the commonsense move as “racist” and “xenophobic.”

His administration pumped out multiple vaccines in record time to combat the spread.

But one of his most prescient claims was that COVID-19 likely escaped – inadvertently or otherwise – from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Last year, media elites immediately shut down the idea that COVID came from anywhere other than a bat soup allegedly sold in the wet markets of Wuhan – towing the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda.

Unfortunately for them, the evidence continues to pile up against the Chinese government.

The most damning piece of evidence is the presence of the “CGG-CGG” sequence in the virus.

The entire class of coronaviruses that include COVID-19 have never been found to contain the double CGG sequence, but it is extremely common in laboratory manipulation of viruses.

And it looks like even Biden’s own administration is starting to abandon the narrative that the virus occurred naturally.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Top officials in President Joe Biden’s administration overseeing an intelligence review of the novel coronavirus origins view the Wuhan lab leak theory to be as credible as the one about natural emergence, according to a new report.

This flies in the face of the months of mockery and derision leftists have hurled at Republicans for suggesting the lab leak theory is plausible.

And now they’re eating those words as Republicans are once again proven right.

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