Trump destroyed Mitt Romney’s life with one brutal statement that may end his career

Senator Mitt Romney begged for Trump’s endorsement during his campaign. 

After he got it and won, he swiftly betrayed Trump. 

And now Trump destroyed Mitt Romney’s life with one brutal statement that may end his career. 

For decades, Mitt Romney has changed his views in order to get elected.

When he ran for Governor in Massachusetts, he backed radical gun control, abortion, and created the framework for Obamacare.

But when he ran for President in 2012, he changed all those positions, and even ran against Obamacare, despite Barack Obama using his plan as Governor when he created Obamacare. 

And when he ran for Senate in 2018, he praised President Donald Trump, after calling him a racist just two years earlier when Trump was running for President. 

Just after winning the Republican Primary, Romney then began attacking Trump, continuing his attacks, and even voting to convict Trump during the phony impeachment trial of 2020.

“The President did in fact pressure a foreign government to corrupt our election process,” Romney said when voting to convict Trump. “And really, corrupting an election process in a democratic republic is about as abusive and egregious an act against the Constitution – and one’s oath – that I can imagine. It’s what autocrats do.”

Later, he again backed impeaching and removing Trump from office after January 6.

So naturally, Trump supporters aren’t happy with him.

And when he spoke at the Utah Republican State Convention he was welcomed with boos, and screams of “traitor” as he walked on the stage. 

Just days after the spectacle, Trump showed his support for those booing, and attacked Romney in a statement. 

Trump wrote: “So nice to see RINO Mitt Romney booed off the stage at the Utah Republican State Convention. They are among the earliest to have figured this guy out, a stone cold loser!”

Mitt Romney should be very worried about Trump attacking him now. 

While he is not up for re-election until 2024, he is certainly sweating about when he will be forced to run again.

Romney has already filed paperwork to run for re-election in 2024.

There are rumors swirling about Trump running for re-election again in 2024.

And if he does, it will drive a ton of Trump supporters to the polls, which will only hurt Romney.

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