Trey Gowdy revealed one surprising truth that left Democrats panicking

Democrats are on their heels heading into the Midterm elections.

But one problem is going to backfire on them in a major way.

And Trey Gowdy revealed one surprising truth that left Democrats panicking.

The pandemic did enormous damage to learning after Democrats and teachers unions shut down schools for years.

Parents were exposed to the radical ideologies being injected into schools like Critical Race Theory and gender insanity.

Heading into November’s Midterm elections Republicans are running on education after Democrats wrecked school systems across the country.

Fox News host Trey Gowdy said that education was a key issue for the Midterm elections on his show Sunday Night in America.

“We chose education as an area of focus for a couple of reasons,” Gowdy said. “It’s important. It’s been a tough couple of years for students, and parents, and teachers.”

A recent study from the National Center for Education Statistics revealed that the pandemic caused students to suffer their worst learning loss in decades after schools were shut down.

Millions of students fell behind after teachers unions and Democrats worked to keep schools closed.

“And education usually ranks pretty high among the issues voters care the most about as we head into another election cycle,” Gowdy explained. “Formal or otherwise, education is a necessity to flourish.”

Outside of the economy, education is going to be one of the most important issues for the Midterm elections.

Democrats putting the interests of teachers unions over parents and students handed Republicans a winning issue to run on.

“Reading and writing and the ability to do some math and understand some history and civics,” Gowdy continued. “Not just important for the individuals who comprise this country but also for the country itself.”

The basic curriculum in schools across the country is being gutted to be replaced with extreme left-wing politics leaving students unprepared.

“The pandemic and our response and reaction to it are issues worth analyzing,” Gowdy said. “But there were challenges in education long before the COVID virus struck.”

The pandemic exposed long-standing problems as students learned from home exposing parents to the radical Marxist indoctrination being forced on students.

“From safety at school to preparing students for work or college, social integration and learning to exist, and to thrive in the broader community,” Gowdy continued. “These are just some of the things we ask educators and our school systems to do.”

“And then there are the external factors. There is a shortage of teachers in many parts of the country. Our schools have become targets, who seek to prey on the most vulnerable people,” Gowdy concluded.

Democrats handed Republicans a winning issue on education for November’s Midterm elections after putting parents and students last.

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