Trey Gowdy asked Ron DeSantis one question that led to a jaw-dropping answer

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Ron DeSantis tried to recover from the failed Twitter Spaces launch of his campaign during an interview with former Congressman Trey Gowdy on Fox News.

There was a very interesting exchange.

And Trey Gowdy asked Ron DeSantis one question that led to a jaw-dropping answer.

One of the topics Gowdy brought up with DeSantis was the war in Ukraine.

Gowdy asked DeSantis how he would handle the war in Ukraine.

DeSantis gave a meandering answer that began by initially dodging the question by promising to expel woke ideology from the military.

DeSantis then restated his position that he opposed U.S. troop involvement in the war, but DeSantis never addressed if he would cut back U.S funding for the war or if he opposed Joe Biden’s recent decision to escalate the war by training Ukrainian pilots to fly American F-16s.

DeSantis tried to walk a fine line on Ukraine to not alienate his establishment supporters and donors after a fiasco earlier this year when DeSantis told Carlson he did not believe the war in Ukraine was in the strategic interest of the United States.

Establishment RINOs like Texas Senator John Cornyn pummeled DeSantis in the press for several days leading to DeSantis backing down.

In an interview with liberal British journalist Piers Morgan, DeSantis called Vladimir Putin a “war criminal.”

“I think he is a war criminal,” DeSantis stated. “I do think that he should be held accountable.”

The war in Ukraine is proving to be one of the big differences between Donald Trump and DeSantis.

In a CNN town hall, Trump said his only interest was in bringing the war to a close and dismissed DeSantis calling Putin a war criminal as only serving to make it more difficult to negotiate a peace deal.

“If you say he’s a war criminal, it’s going to be a lot tougher to make a deal to make this thing stopped,” Trump stated. “If he’s going to be a war criminal, people are going to grab him and execute him, he’s going to fight a lot harder than he’s fighting under the other circumstance.”

Trump also opposed Joe Biden’s taxpayer gravy train for Ukraine by ripping Biden for pushing America closer to nuclear war with Russia by training Ukrainians to fly F-16s.

“Biden continues to bring the world ever closer to nuclear war. I alone am the candidate who can prevent World War 3. I will end the killing and bloodshed and bring peace to Europe and the World!” Trump posted on Truth Social.

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