Transportation Secretary Buttigieg’s reason for the supply chain crisis might be the most insane thing he’s said to date

The U.S. is facing a supply chain crisis.

Biden and the White House staff are, as usual, sending mixed messages to the American people and making the crisis even worse.

And Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s reason for the supply chain crisis might be the most insane thing he’s said to date.

Last week White House chief of staff, Ron Klain, said that inflation and the supply chain crisis are “high class problems.”

Odd statement seeing as Americans of all stripes are being affected by inflation and the current supply chain issues.

Just another example of how out-of-touch the Biden administration is and how it doesn’t care about the well-being of the American people.

But Klain’s statement seemed almost tame compared to what Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the other day.

During a Sunday morning interview on CNN, Buttigieg said the reason the supply chain is dealing with backlogs is because demand and income are up under Biden.

“Demand is up,” Buttigieg said, “because income is up, because the President has successfully guided this economy out of the teeth of a terrifying recession.”

Yes, you read that correctly.

Buttigieg believes Biden’s term is a success so far and that’s what’s causing all the problems with the economy.

The problem is that demand is up because supply ships are being held in the middle of the ocean, so supplies can’t get to the United States.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz couldn’t let this ridiculous statement pass.

“Dem talking points: ‘The supply chain is broken down, goods can’t get in & inflation is skyrocketing…because things are so damn good. And this will continue. By winter, things will be so good … there will be no Christmas presents whatsoever!’ Cruz tweeted.

Another Tweet summed up the situation rather perfectly by saying that the spin is “everything sucks because Biden is so awesome.”

The sad part is that these administration officials are actually keeping a straight face when they say things and the sadder part is there are Americans who actually believe the lies.

Joe Biden has done no good for America and it doesn’t matter how Buttigieg spins it, things are really bad right now and it’s Biden’s fault.

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