Tom Cruise just got publicly snubbed after he called out one organization

The Hollywood box office has struggled mightily.

But superstar actor Tom Cruise has continued to deliver starring as Maverick in the Americana-soaked film, Top Gun: Maverick.

And Cruise just got publicly snubbed after he called out one organization.

Despite a weak box office in 2022, Top Gun: Maverick broke records as it exceeded high expectations.

The film was not only a box office success, but a critical one as well.

Top Gun: Maverick has even received some award show buzz, but Tom Cruise won’t be getting a Golden Globe Award.

Cruise was snubbed by the Golden Globes and supposedly he was not happy about it.

Radar Online reported that “Tom Cruise is fuming over his Golden Globes snub — and he’s blaming old foe Brad Pitt for sabotaging his chances of Hollywood success . . . The 60-year-old action star had his biggest box-office hit ever in Top Gun: Maverick, which netted over $200 million the first week alone, but he wasn’t even nominated for an award by the foreign press association . . . Sources squealed that it likely didn’t do Tom any favors that in 2021 he returned his three Globe trophies — for Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry Maguire, and Magnolia — to protest the lack of diversity in the organization.”

In 2021, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) got called out for a lack of diversity, and Cruise jumped on the bandwagon.

It seems as if the leftists who run the HFPA are holding a grudge.

Sources told Radar, “Tom expected to walk away with the award for best actor, so you can imagine his reaction when he wasn’t even on the list — he totally blew a fuse! […] This was the first time in years that Tom was so sure he had a slam-dunk win he was fine-tuning his acceptance speech . . . He took a stand and no doubt it didn’t go over well with them . . . A lot of people are convinced that’s the real reason he was subbed.”

Supposedly, fellow Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt was the person responsible for Cruise’s snub.

Pitt was nominated for the film Babylon, which was not well-received by the critics.

Radar added that the “dueling heartthrobs famously clashed while making 1994’s Interview with the Vampire — and a spy dished Tom’s still ‘obsessed’ with beating Brad, who has an Oscar under his belt. ‘It stinks that Brad, once again, seems to have milked his relationship with the foreign journalists at the Globes to get his own movie — which many consider way inferior to Top Gun — a ton of nods . . . As far as Tom’s concerned, this snub is all Brad’s fault!’”

It just goes to show how much politics and backroom dealing affects the film industry.

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