Tom Brady just revealed how the woke Left could ruin professional football in America

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The Left’s woke ideology has completely transformed America.

Many believe it’s making society weak and soft.

And now Tom Brady just revealed how the woke Left could ruin professional football in America.

From the entertainment industry to the educational system to even the military, the Left’s woke ideology can be found in virtually every institution in America.

The woke Left turned its attention to professional sports after former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started a trend of kneeling during the National Anthem in protest of America’s allegedly racist history.

It didn’t take long before professional athletes in other sports leagues followed Kaepernick’s lead and refused to stand during the National Anthem.

During the Black Lives Matter riots that took place in the summer of 2020, professional athletes virtue signaled by displaying their support for wokeness on their jerseys.

Professional sports leagues are also pushing the Left’s woke gender ideology by holding numerous “Pride Night” events to celebrate degeneracy.

More and more sports are also opening the door and allowing biological males to compete against women.

But one area where wokeness is slowly making inroads in sports is lowering the amount of physical contact that is allowed.

During a recent episode of his Let’s Go podcast, seven-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady pointed out how the NFL is becoming less physical and more like “flag football.”

“Football is a physical sport, there’s a physical element to all of this,” he said. “You throw a 15-yard flag for something that, you know, 20 years ago maybe wouldn’t have had a flag,” he continued. “That affects the game in a big way.”

Brady was talking about the recent game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants where the Giants lost due to a defensive holding call in the final seconds of the game.

The greatest quarterback to ever live warned that the sport is starting to resemble flag football.

“There’s so many people that want it less and less physical, it’s more like flag football, which is going to be in the Olympics in 2028,” Brady said. “Maybe football goes to flag football over a period of time.”

For example, there were 20 combined penalties in the Cowboys’ win over the Chargers last Monday night.

The Left has not completely taken over and ruined professional sports.

But if the trend continues it certainly will.

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