Tim Allen just revealed what appealed to him about President Trump

There’s no debate over the fact that Hollywood blacklists any actor who doesn’t believe wholeheartedly in the industry-approved far-left political ideology.

But one of the few actors who have been able to have a very successful career despite being an admitted conservative is Tim Allen.

And Allen recently revealed exactly what it was about Donald Trump that appealed to him.

For quite some time now, Tim Allen has been the most prominent conservative in show business.

He’s appeared on FOX News, talked openly about his conservative beliefs, and even attended Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2016.

Even his current show on FOX, Last Man Standing, though currently in its last season, is one of the only shows on television today that appeals to conservative viewers, and as such has become incredibly popular.

In a recent interview on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, Allen opened up about his conservative views, why he feels he’s been able to be openly conservative in Hollywood, and revealed what it was about Donald Trump that he found so appealing.

According to Allen, the genesis of his conservative ideology is not dissimilar to many other Americans, and has everything to do with taxes.

“I just don’t like – once I started making money – I had this silent partner that took almost half of my money and never gave me anything for it. That was the taxes,” Allen said. “I’ve never liked taxes. Whoever takes the taxes and never tells me what they did with it. I’m a fiscal conservative person with money. That’s it.”

“Never liked taxes,” Allen continued. “Never liked what they do with taxes and the bullsh** on both sides. It’s not their money.”

The former Home Improvement star went on to explain that he’s been able to avoid Hollywood’s wrath for being a conservative because he doesn’t “preach anything.”

“What I’ve done is just not joined into – as I call it – the ‘we culture,’” he said. “I’m not telling anybody else how to live. I don’t like that. ‘We should do this,’ ‘We should do that.’”

But the biggest revelation of the interview came when Allen talked about Donald Trump, and what it was about the former President that made him a fan.

“Once I realized that the last President pissed people off, I kind of like that,” Allen laughed. “So it was fun to just not say anything. Didn’t join in the lynching crowd.”

There’s little doubt that Hollywood would love to find an excuse to cancel Tim Allen for being a conservative.

But Allen is a proud conservative and simply refuses to give the far-left mob any opening.

Unfortunately, he’s still one of a very few in the industry who is brave enough to be an open conservative, and that likely won’t change any time soon.

We’ll just have to be content seeing Tim Allen continue to be an insanely successful conservative in Hollywood, while the far-left mob fumes.

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