Thousands of ESPN employees are about to learn a tough lesson about pushing the Left’s woke agenda

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The Left’s woke ideology has invaded every aspect of American culture and society.

Even professional sports are not immune from the madness.

But thousands of ESPN employees are about to learn a tough lesson about pushing the Left’s woke agenda.

It’s near-impossible for Americans to escape the Left’s woke ideology.

Even Walt Disney is now using their content to push the gay and transgender lifestyle on young children.

America’s professional sports leagues have also fully embraced the woke ideology and shows on networks like ESPN are packed full of left-wing commentators who push the agenda.

But the American people have finally had enough of the transgender and homosexual agenda being pushed on them by woke corporations, sports leagues, and entertainers.

Anheuser-Bush sales have plummeted since it released a custom-made Bud Light can for transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

The company lost over $6 billion in the first two weeks after announcing the partnership with Mulvaney.

Of course, most corporations end up going woke due to threats and demands from left-wing employees.

Woke employees are what forced Disney CEO Bob Chapek to get involved in the parental rights battle in Florida with Ron DeSantis.

But these left-wing employees are finding out the hard way that there is a severe price to pay for pushing the woke agenda.

“ESPN will begin layoffs early next week as part of parent company Disney’s cost cutting efforts, according to people familiar with the matter,” CNBC reported. “Cuts will include some on-air talent and management, said the people, who asked not to be named because the discussions are private. The number of layoffs at ESPN is unclear and the decision process is still fluid.”

News broke at the end of March that Disney was planning to lay off 7,000 workers in three rounds of cuts.

The first round of cuts included its Beijing office and its metaverse strategies unit.

The second round of layoffs are set to begin next week.

Disney is also cutting 15% of the staff in its entertainment division during this round of layoffs.

ESPN started its downward spiral in 2020, with 300 employees getting laid off that year.

The network has only gotten more woke since the layoffs in 2020.

Disney employees demanded executives embrace the Left’s woke ideology.

And these employees are learning that “Go woke, go broke,” is more than a slogan.

It’s a reality.

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