This video could upend the entire Rittenhouse trial before the jury reaches a verdict

Kyle Rittenhouse is facing major jail time if convicted of the crimes the prosecution has thrown at him.

Given the prosecution’s propensity to twist the truth and manipulate witnesses, many believe the whole thing is headed for a mistrial.

But this video could upend the entire Rittenhouse trial before the jury reaches a verdict.

America is watching as the Kyle Rittenhouse trial continues to be a spectacle many never expected.

The prosecution has been stumbling every step of the way.

One of the first rules in trial law is to know what your witnesses are going to say before they take the stand, but it looks like the prosecution team skipped that class in law school.

Multiple prosecution witnesses have now taken the stand and stated that Rittenhouse’s actions were done in self-defense.

Even one of the Black Lives Matter rioters stated, under oath, that Rittenhouse allegedly shot at people who were either chasing him, attacked him, or pointed a gun at him directly.

One would think that is more than enough for a jury to acquit Rittenhouse, but there appears to be yet another twist in the case and this one is so blatantly illegal that it will be hard for anyone to ignore.

A video recently surfaced on social media of a man named Cortez Rice.

Rice identifies himself as the nephew of George Floyd and what Rice says in the video has many calling for the judge to throw out the case.

According to Rice’s statement in the video, he knows someone who is photographing the jurors in an effort to intimidate them into convicting Rittenhouse or else face extreme backlash from Black Lives Matter.

This is a very serious crime and must be handled immediately.

Jury intimidation is grounds for dismissal.

The jurors in the Rittenhouse case are in danger of being swayed by fear mongering rioters.

It now appears very clear that the prosecution is only charging Rittenhouse because they fear backlash from the Black Lives Matter mob.

If the jury believes their physical safety is in danger there’s no telling how they’ll vote.

This is a complete and total abuse of the American justice system.

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