This United States Marine is a dead man walking and it’s all Joe Biden’s fault

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party claim to love and support the U.S. Military, but most of the time, their actions towards the military are anything but supportive.

The more time Biden spends in the White House, the more Americans see through the numerous campaign promises he made.

And now this United States Marine is a dead man walking, and it’s all because of Joe Biden.

U. S. Marine Christopher Ahn is currently facing charges for breaking into the North Korean Embassy in Madrid, Spain, along with members of Free Joseon – which means “Free North Korea” – and beating and tying up diplomats as part of a plan to help the North Korean Ambassador in Spain defect.

The State Department is currently in the process of trying to extradite Ahn to Spain.

Ahn is denying the claims.

In an interview with Fox News, Ahn said he has been warned that Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s Supreme Leader, has put a “target on his back,” and if he is extradited to Spain, he will be assassinated.

“The court has recognized that there is a danger to my life and to those around me if I leave this country.  Quite frankly, they’ve told me that the danger is here, in the United States and that that danger exponentially increases if I leave the country,” Ahn stated.

To make matters worse, Ahn says it was Biden’s own government that told him Kim Jong Un is after him.

“The same Department of Justice that has told me that if I leave the country that I could be assassinated is the same Department of Justice that’s trying to extradite me.  It’s very disappointing,” Ahn said.

Ahn went on to say in the interview, “The fear is there.”

There is no doubt Ahn is fearful, and he should be since Biden is honoring an extradition request for him despite knowing a hostile foreign power has marked him for death.

Most Americans are horrified at this move by Biden and his administration, but there is still time for the President to change course.

One can only hope that Biden will show that his statements about supporting the U.S. Military aren’t just a bunch of empty promises.

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