This unconstitutional move by Joe Biden has some Navy SEALs saying absolutely not

At first many were shocked that the President of the United States would put in place mandates that were so blatantly illegal.

Now though, Americans have come to expect that type of behavior from Biden.

And this latest unconstitutional move by Joe Biden has some Navy SEALs saying absolutely not.

Joe Biden continues to hand down tyrannical, unconstitutional vaccine mandates that he claims are all in the name of “safety.”

Recently, however, Biden’s vaccine mandate for the military came up against some fierce opposition from a very elite class.

Thirty-five Navy SEALs have challenged Biden’s military vaccine mandate on the grounds that it violates their First Amendment rights to the free exercise of religion by forcing them to violate their religious beliefs under the threat of being kicked out or facing court martial.

The lawsuit stated that while the Navy absolutely has the ability to grant any one of these SEALs a religious exemption, Joe Biden and his staff have not granted a single one.

“As a result of their sincerely held religious beliefs regarding life and abortion, multiple Plaintiffs are unable to receive any of the COVID-19 vaccines due to what they believe and understand is a connection between these vaccines and their testing, development, or production using aborted fetal cell lines,” the Navy SEALs’ lawsuit read.

Some speculate that this move was made by Biden very intentionally and is being used to weed out military members who might question his leadership.

Biden is no friend of the troops and he knows many of them do not like or respect him.

Joe Biden ordered the removal of so-called “extremists” and “white supremacists” from the armed forces earlier this year, but the criteria for what an “extremist” or “white supremacist” was had been left entirely up to Biden’s team.

This meant they were trying to pull out anyone who opposed Biden and his administration.

Joe Biden doesn’t care that this weakens the U.S. military, he just cares that he has control and if there are military members not bowing down to him then he must do away with them.

What better way to do it than to mandate an unnecessary vaccine and not allow anyone to opt out on the grounds of religious beliefs.

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