This Trump-backed border state candidate just sent illegal aliens the loud and clear message they didn’t want to hear

One of the many failings less than halfway through the Biden Presidency has been the crisis he’s created on the southern border.

With the Midterms rapidly approaching, border security is becoming one of the biggest issues on voters’ minds.

Now, one Trump-supported candidate in this border state is sending a message to illegal aliens that will have them shaking in their boots.

The Biden-created southern border crisis has consistently been ranked as one of the top three issues concerning voters ahead of the 2022 Midterms this November.

The number of illegals crossing our border and then let free into the country has increased more than 11-fold under President Joe Biden.

According to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, since President Biden took the reins inside the Oval Office – between 1.2 and 1.44 million illegal aliens have been let loose into our country.

That number includes at least 836,000 illegal aliens, 207,000 unaccompanied alien children, and between 200,000 and 400,000 border crossers who evaded the Border Patrol.

One of the states hit hardest by the flood of illegals into the U.S. has been Arizona.

In fact, the Grand Canyon State has experienced a 579% increase in border patrol encounters with illegal aliens since Joe Biden stepped into the Oval Office.

Arizona voters this fall will face a decision on who their next Governor will be, as incumbent Republican Doug Ducey is term-limited out.

Polling out of the state strongly indicates the matchup after the primaries will be Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs taking on conservative news anchor Kari Lake.

Lake is endorsed by former President Donald Trump and has minced no words on the campaign trail.

In an interview on Newsmax, Lake made her stance on border security perfectly clear and sent a message to illegal aliens in the process.

First, Lake said she believes Arizona can make better use of the National Guard.

“Gov. Ducey sent them (the National Guard) down there in an administrative role,” Lake said. “So, they’re watching and monitoring some of the monitors and cameras and watching when people are coming in. We need to use these men and women in the way they’re trained – which is to put them on the border. And I think, frankly, we need other states to help out. We need an interstate compact to send their National Guard to help us out. I know some of the conservative states will do so. And if things get bad enough, maybe even some of the Blue states will help. Because I don’t think any Republican, independent, or Democrat wants to see fentanyl getting into the hands of their children.”

Lake believes as long as the Biden administration makes it clear the border is open, illegals will continue to invade.

“I want them to know, when I’m governor of Arizona, do not come across the border in Arizona,” Lake said. “You’re not welcome and you’ll be sent back.”

Lake concluded by saying, if elected, she vows to finish former President Trump’s border wall to mitigate how many illegals can get across the border.

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