This Toronto Blue Jays pitcher taught his son an important life lesson that drove the woke Left mad

Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Left-wing activists like to project their radical views on society.

The cancel culture crowd will attack any famous person who refuses to walk the woke line.

And this Toronto Blue Jays pitcher taught his son an important life lesson that drove the woke Left mad.

Erickson Swanson is a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays who made his Major League debut in 2019 and recently wrapped up his fifth season with the Jays.

Swanson appeared in 69 games during the 2023 season and finished with a 2.97 ERA and 75 strikeouts.

Now that the season is over after Toronto failed to make the playoffs, Swanson is turning his attention to his second favorite season – hunting season.

Hunting is one of the oldest and biggest traditions in the world.

That’s why Swanson was shocked by the outrage over a picture he posted on social media of him and his son after a recent hunt.

The photo showed Swanson and his son crouched down behind a row of geese they had just killed, which triggered leftists.

“Wow,” one angry person commented. “Teaching your child to kill animals. Not admirable at all. How about teaching them kindness and compassion to all living things???”

But to his credit, Swanson did not back down or apologize like most professional athletes do when attacked by the Left.

Instead, Swanson gave the Left a lesson in life.

“I am an avid hunter/fisherman and I will always be,” he wrote. “For the people who are asking me why I have my son with me, I am teaching him a very important life lesson . . . the beef, venison, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables all come from somewhere, not just the grocery store.”

“Now when he hunts and he harvests his own food, he knows exactly where his food is coming from and what is in it,” he added in a follow up comment. “Next time you go to the grocery store or restaurant and order something, remember that it had to come from somewhere. Know what you are eating! Safe hunting to all!”

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