This top Democrat called Joe Biden one name that left a CNN host completely shook

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It was a brutal day for Joe Biden.

Even his own Party began to turn on him.

And this Democrat called Joe Biden one name that left a CNN host completely shook.

Congressman Dean Phillips (D-MN) pulled no punches in discussing Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report about former President Joe Biden stealing classified documents over the course of 40 years.

Hur’s report included devastating details about President Biden forgetting when his son died, and being unable to remember what years he was Vice President.

But when Biden stole these classified documents, he was serving as a Senator and Vice President.

And that means President Biden had no right whatsoever to possess them, and thus committed a crime.

Rep. Phillips recently admitted to CNN’s Abby Phillip that he fully believes Biden is guilty.

“I respect President Biden. I think he’s suffered a lot of tragedy in his life. This has got to be awfully difficult to invoke his son Beau. It appears a crime was committed, but I’ve got to tell you, I felt just like a human watching that and it was sad. And I think most of the country shares that,” Phillips stated.

“I think our President should serve out this term. I think he’s able to do so. The fact that he’s running for another one is preposterous. And I think most of the country recognizes that. And frankly, I don’t think it should be politicized. I think we should honor him and we should preserve his legacy and pass the torch in the next election,” he added.

Hur described how investigators uncovered that Biden stole classified documents about American military and intelligence operations.

“Our investigation uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen. These materials included (1) marked classified documents about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan, and (2) notebooks containing Mr. Biden’s handwritten entries about issues of national security and foreign policy implicating sensitive intelligence sources and methods,” Hur’s report read.

And to add another damning detail on top of damning detail, Biden tossed the documents haphazardly in his garage in boxes and folders strewn about the floor.

This episode demonstrated once and for all that there are two tiers of justice in America.

One where Democrats can get away with whatever they want because they’ve weaponized the Justice Department to the point in which it claims the sitting President of the United States is too mentally incompetent to stand trial for crimes he’s committed.

The other system of justice is reserved for Republicans, like when partisan prosecutors within Democrats’ weaponized justice system throw the book at former President Donald Trump for the same crimes they refuse to hold Joe Biden accountable for.

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