This Supreme Court Justice just shut down court packing in a huge way

The progressive Left has been trying to pack the court since Joe Biden got in office.

But things aren’t going the way they planned.

And that’s because this Supreme Court Justice just shut down court packing in a huge way.

Radical leftists, like squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, can’t stand the fact that Donald Trump filled three Supreme Court vacancies.

They try to claim that Trump doing his Presidential duty of appointing new Justices is somehow unfair to the balance of power in the country.

One of the most vocal opponents to their court packing scheme comes from their own ranks.

Justice Stephen Breyer has said recently that adding seats to the highest court in the land would contribute to “eroding that trust” Americans have in the Judiciary.

And in his new book, The Authority of the Court and the Perils of Politics, coming out in September, Justice Breyer is driving the point home.

Harvard University Press released a page explaining that Breyer’s book will examine “how measures to restructure the Court could undermine both the Court and the constitutional system of checks and balances that depends on it.”

“Breyer warns that public trust would be eroded by political intervention, dashing the authority of the Court . . . without the public’s trust, the Court would no longer be able to act as a check on the other branches of government and a guarantor of the rule of law, threatening the foundations of our constitutional system,” the release continued.

Progressives can’t even enlist one of the most liberal justices on the Supreme Court for their plan to take over the Judiciary – let alone moderates and conservatives.

Which is why there is a massive campaign from far-left organizations pressuring Breyer to retire so they can guarantee at least one Biden appointee.

The Left will attack anyone who doesn’t bow down and serve their radical socialist agenda.

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