This star from The Office has finally come to see the Left’s freedom-stealing ways

    From Joe Rogan and Elon Musk to Bill Mahr and Dave Chappelle, more-and-more liberal celebrities are standing up against cancel culture.

    Once a reliable voting bloc for Democrats, these celebrities are starting to wake up from the woke outrage mob.

    Now, this star from The Office is finally realizing it’s the radical Left who is attacking free speech.

    A left-wing reporter for The Washington Post, David Weigel, was just suspended for a month without pay.


    He retweeted a relatively innocuous joke, and his fellow Post reporters lost their minds.

    Weigel even issued a full apology – but that never counts for anything with the radically woke.

    Cancel culture is beginning to eat its own – as not even the intersectionality Left can live up to the asinine standards they’ve set.

    Stephen Merchant – who’ll be found in most Ricky Gervais shows, including the British version of The Office – is a long-time liberal.

    However, in a recent interview with the UK-based website, the Independent, the British comedian is now acknowledging it is the Left who is coming after free speech.

    “This obsession with trying to police what people say, you know? It’s funny [because] when I was growing up, Mary Whitehouse was the version of that,” Merchant said in the interview. “The uber-religious [person] trying to get TV shows banned and newspaper articles retracted, and she was very much seen as a right-wing figure. Now it feels like it’s a lot more coming from the Left, and that suddenly the champions of free speech are Right-wing nutters. How did that come about? I don’t want to side with those people!”

    As you can see, while Merchant has identified the culprits – much like Rogan and Marh before him – he still isn’t jumping on board with conservatives.

    Instead, he’s hoping Democrats will see the error of their ways.

    In fact, Merchant believes cancel culture is and will continue to come back to bite leftists in the backside.

    “I don’t want to have to defend a tweet from 10 years ago,” Merchant said. “It’s not interesting to me to spend time defending a point of view or a glib joke that I made at 2am.”

    Merchant’s long-time friend and frequent boss, Ricky Gervais recently released a stand-up comedy special on Netflix, Supernatural.

    In the streaming comedy special, Gervais pokes fun of the genderless movement the woke Left is currently obsessed with and lambasts the Left for its crackdown on free speech.

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