This “Squad” member just got handed a massive defeat that has many questioning her political future

Democrats are watching the radical, leftist agenda they’ve been pushing slowly fall apart.

Last week’s statewide elections in Virginia put the Left on notice that the American people are not onboard with “wokeness.”

And now this “Squad” member just got handed a massive defeat that has many questioning her political future.

Ilhan Omar looked to have a bright political future in the Democrat Party.

Omar’s push to make America a socialist nation had many Democrats’ championing her extreme policies.

But one thing Omar wasn’t expecting was the American people saying absolutely not to those ideas.

Ilhan Omar is one of the lead voices in the “Defund the Police” movement.

Omar has been calling to defund law enforcement since the 2020 riots in Minneapolis when Black Lives Matter burned down police precincts on live TV in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Finally, Omar and her band of socialist extremists were able to put defunding the police to a vote, but the outcome was not what they expected.

Voters in Minneapolis overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure that would defund the police and replace it with liberal “public safety committees.”

Axios reported:

Minneapolis voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot measure to overhaul the city’s police department by replacing it with a new agency…

…State of play: Returns Tuesday night showed Question 2 failing by a double-digit margin, 56% to 43%.

Details: The measure called for replacing MPD with a new Department of Public Safety that “employs a comprehensive public health approach” and could include traditional police, “if necessary.” It also would’ve removed a mandatory minimum for sworn peace officers from the city’s charter.

Polls across the country continue to show that defunding the police is wildly unpopular despite what socialists like Ilhan Omar try to say.

Not only is it in general an unpopular move, but it is even more unpopular with black voters who rely heavily on the police to keep their communities safe.

Americans are pushing back hard on the left-wing agenda and Democrats are shocked.

Democrats are so shocked, in fact, that they’re now doubling down on ramming through those same radical policies.

It’s no wonder Republicans won in a landslide in Virginia.

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