This shocking new name shot to the top of Trump’s VP shortlist

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Everyone thought they knew who were among the final contenders to be Donald Trump’s Vice-Presidential nominee.

But one thing that is for certain with Donald Trump is that nothing’s for certain.

And this shocking new name shot to the top of Trump’s VP shortlist.

Donald Trump adds a new name to the Vice-Presidential shortlist

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton (R) is the surprising new name under serious consideration to join Trump on the ticket as his running mate.

“Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas has unexpectedly emerged as a top contender to become Donald J. Trump’s running mate, a signal that the former president is heavily weighing experience and the ability to run a disciplined campaign over other factors,” The New York Times reports.

Trump’s other rumored top choices are Senators Marco Rubio, J.D. Vance, and Tim Scott, as well as North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

“These people said that Mr. Trump’s other current favorites were Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota and three of Mr. Cotton’s Senate colleagues: Marco Rubio of Florida, Tim Scott of South Carolina and J.D. Vance of Ohio,” The Times also reports.

What Trump sees in Tom Cotton

Polls show Donald Trump in the lead over Joe Biden nationally and in the swing states.

Trump doesn’t need a game-changing running mate pick to shake up the race.

What Trump likes about Cotton is his ability to effectively communicate in TV interviews and that he has a no-drama persona.

“The former president has said privately that he views Mr. Cotton as a reliable and effective communicator in cable news interviews. Mr. Trump has also praised Mr. Cotton’s Army service, which included deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fact that he is a fellow Ivy League graduate,” The Times also reported.

For his part, Cotton pretended like he had no idea he was on the Vice-Presidential shortlist.

“I suspect only Donald Trump knows who is really on his shortlist,” Cotton told Fox News.

Cotton claims when he speaks to Trump, it’s about winning this election and enacting Trump’s agenda once in office.

“When we do talk, we talk about what it’s going to take to win this election in November — to elect President Trump to another term in the White House and elect a Republican Congress, so we can begin to repair the damage that Joe Biden’s presidency has inflicted on this country,” Cotton added.

Cotton authored The New York Times op-ed about invoking the Insurrection Act and deploying the military to put down the Black Lives Matter terrorist attacks that caused all the woke snowflakes at the paper to melt in unison.

What Trump and his base won’t like about Cotton

Tom Cotton is an adherent to the Liz Cheney/Mitt Romney foreign policy.

Cotton is one of the biggest cheerleaders in the Senate for a blank check to fund an endless war in Ukraine.

Cotton is also a strong opponent of amnesty.

And Cotton also supports FISA and all the other illegal warrantless wiretapping the Deep State and Democrats used to illegally spy on Donald Trump and his campaign.