This senior Obama advisor and one top neocon teamed up to deliver a nauseating message

Never-Trump Republicans continue to attack Donald Trump.

Many of them have even become Democrats at a time when the Party has moved wildly to the Left.

Now this senior Obama advisor and one top neocon teamed up to deliver a nauseating message.

Top Barack Obama advisor David Axelrod is promoting the writings of George W. Bush chief strategist Karl Rove, which tells so much about establishment politics.

The Washington, D.C. Swamp needs a boogeyman, and Donald Trump remains the target.

The establishment is also going after Trump supporters by extension.

Rove wrote a piece calling on Republicans to denounce the Capitol Hill riot, and Axelrod signal-boosted it to his 1.4 million followers.

First of all, Rove is talking about a miniscule number of people who have shrugged off January 6.

Every prominent right-winger has denounced the January 6 riot, but they’ve also grown weary of the persistent attempts to turn the event into some sort of orchestrated coup masterminded by Trump.

Rove also put forward a ridiculous hypothetical: what if the Left had done the same thing?

Rove wrote, “So, on this anniversary, here’s a simple thought experiment: What if the other side had done it? What if in early January 2017, Democrats similarly attired and armed had stormed the Capitol and attempted to keep Congress from receiving the Electoral College results for the 2016 presidential election?”

“What if Democrats claimed that Donald Trump’s razor-thin victories in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin resulted from extensive voter fraud and should be rejected,” Rove continued, “despite having failed to establish in a single court that extensive fraud had actually occurred?”

It has to be asked if Rove is actually serious.

Hypotheticals are unnecessary because the country lived through it.

For five years, the Left said Trump was an illegitimate President who stole the 2016 election.

Deep State actors launched the phony Russia collusion investigation to surveil his campaign and undermine his Presidency before it started.

Martin Sheen and other prominent actors appeared in a video urging Republican electors not to certify Trump as President because he was “unfit.”

On Trump’s inauguration day, The Washington Post published an article already calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Impeachment manager Jamie Raskin objected to the election results back in 2016.

Thousands of left-wing protesters took to the streets and engaged in violence and carnage on Inauguration Day in 2017.

The American people already know what would happen if the shoe were on the other foot, which is why they’ve grown tired over the whining about January 6.

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