This scary video of John Fetterman will make you question everything

Photo by Bastian Riccardi from Pexels

Pennsylvania Democrat Senator John Fetterman continues to create awkward moments in Washington.

Fetterman’s condition is impossible to hide.

And this scary video of John Fetterman will make you question everything.

During a hearing on the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, an impaired Fetterman fired off a completely incoherent line of questioning about the banks collapse and ensuing bailout by the Biden administration.

Fetterman suffered a near fatal stroke last May.

The Fetterman campaign hid the severity of the stroke from the voters because Democrats knew if knowledge of how badly the stroke impaired Fetterman leaked out it would cost Fetterman the election.

In response to the cringeworthy video of an incoherent Fetterman rambling through his questions and being unable to speak in complete sentences, the Fetterman office stuck to its increasingly absurd story that Fetterman suffered from auditory issues that prevented him from hearing conversation properly.

“We have been clear for literally months and months that John continues to have auditory processing issues due to the effects of his stroke,” Fetterman spokesman Joe Calvello told Fox News Digital.

“If sickos on the Internet want to keep making fun of John for recovering from a health challenge, that’s between them and their consciences,” Calvello added.

But this uncomfortable video did not result from Fetterman being unable to process conversation and response.

Fetterman was questioning a witness with two iPads in front of him to display his remarks.

This video will revive calls for Fetterman to resign as he looks to be seriously physically and cognitively impaired.

Democrats will not allow Fetterman to quit because it would set up a special Senate election in Pennsylvania when Democrats are already facing a challenging 2024 map in their effort to keep Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader.

But many Americans who watch that video of John Fetterman see a man who clearly cannot perform his duties as a United States Senator.

And they are wondering how long Democrats are willing to keep up this charade.

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