This RINO swamp creature is in hiding after Tucker Carlson said these two words

Tucker Carlson is not somebody politicians want on their bad side.

He can destroy entire careers in minutes.

And this RINO swamp creature is in hiding after Tucker Carlson said these two words.

If there is one name that sends a shiver down the spines of corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C. it’s Tucker Carlson.

While most of the major media figures are more than willing to cover for the misbehavior of corrupt politicians, often in exchange for favors or access, Carlson will call out anybody who deserves it.

And he did just that with “Republican” Senator Lindsey Graham.

Graham will do or say pretty much anything that will help him personally.

He was the most vocal anti-Trump Republican before he tried to reinvent himself as the most vocal pro-Trump supporter in the Senate, and now he is trying to walk all that back.

And now he is trying to capitalize politically off the Afghanistan debacle.

But as Tucker Carlson points out, Graham is directly responsible for the failures in Afghanistan.

“The main reason Americans were so shocked by the fall of Kabul last week is that for years, people in Washington have been lying to them about it and telling them everything in Afghanistan is just fine,” Carlson began his point. “It’s improving, forever improving. Our sacrifice is well worth it. Our strategy is successful. Just keep sending us money and young soldiers, we will make the world safe for America.”

That’s when he moved on to hit Graham directly, stating, “For decades that’s what they’ve told us. One of the main mouthpieces for these lies has been Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Graham identifies as a Republican, but his views in real life are indistinguishable from say Tony Blinken’s or Mark Milley’s.”

“Graham’s real constituents are in permanent Washington, not in South Carolina,” he concluded.

Carlson went on to play three clips of Graham that prove his responsibility for the situation in Afghanistan.

The most damning one came from 13 years ago, where Graham heaped praise at Barack Obama for increasing troop presence in Afghanistan.

“When it comes to Afghanistan, I am completely supportive of [Obama’s] decision to send 35,000 troops into Afghanistan. They are needed,” Graham said. “I would like every American to know that not only are the troops needed, unfortunately, casualties are likely to increase, but we have a game plan in Afghanistan that I think justifies the expenditures of blood and treasure that’s about to come.”

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