This RINO just learned you never underestimate a group of irate, well-trained activists

Politics is not a game for the faint of heart.

But its winners and losers are often decided by the number of well-trained activists on either side.

And in this Texas race, a GOP congressman lost his seat after a group of irate, well-trained activists decided to push back.

Most everybody in America who follows politics, or gossip pages, has heard by now about the Congressman taken down by his affair with the “ISIS bride.”

But the less told, and certainly less understood, story is the fact that the Congressman was on his way out long before the sordid sex affair story broke.

It’s a fact of American politics – taking on incumbents, especially in a party primary, isn’t a good way to earn a living.

Incumbents come with all the advantages, money, name I.D., party backing, endorsements, and built-in support.

But 2022 is proving to be a stormy year for incumbents, its no wonder so many are choosing not to seek reelection.

Texas Republican Rep. Van Taylor didn’t just get beat in his primary, things were so bad, he dropped out of the race.

He might have stayed in through the primary if not for the “ISIS bride.”

She spilled the beans on Taylor’s affair with her and his alleged hush money to her to cover it up.

That may have been the impetus for him to quit the race, but the fact is Taylor was in serious trouble even before news of the affair and alleged payoff broke.

The second-term Texas congressman was facing massive opposition led by a product inventor determined to get him out of office.

And the first goal was to force Taylor into a primary runoff with one of his GOP challengers.

During the weeks leading up to the primary, thousands of signs reading “Van Taylor betrayed us” appeared all over the district.

More than 40,000 Republican primary voters’ doors were knocked on by opponents of Taylor making the case against him.

Anti-Taylor leaflets were handed out at his his town halls.

And a campaign called “RINO RECKONING,” was run by Defeating Communism PAC.

Taylor was hit on everything from his poor FreedomWorks score, to not doing more to defund vaccine mandates. He was also attacked for voting in favor of the sham Jan. 6 commission.

But the real motivation and the main source behind the campaign and its major donors were inventors.

Josh Malone, a major funder of the operation, decided to oppose Taylor after he refused to support patent reform legislation.

Malone had invented and obtained a patent for Bunch-O-Balloons, a product that easily fills and seals water balloons and saw viral success. A copycat infringed on his patent, and then, the patent office took the copycat’s side. Only after a lengthy and costly legal battle, was Malone able to get his patent back.

He now is pushing a bill by Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY 4) to reform the system called the Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation Act.

The inventor spent years trying to get Taylor to sign on to the legislation before he said he would not sponsor the bill.

Paul Morinville, another patent reform advocate working with Malone on the RINO Reckoning campaign, said that their internal polling showed Van Taylor around 48% support — enough to force him into a primary runoff against one of his primary challengers.

Despite Taylor spending over $500,000 and the Congressional Leadership Fund, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s super PAC, spending more than $155,000 in the final weeks of the race to try to rescue Taylor, the project was working beyond expectations.

Taylor was on the ropes.

Then the “ISIS bride” story hit.

And Taylor dropped out of the race.

While there is no way to know for sure if Taylor would have been forced into the runoff, all the polls sure looked like that was going to happen.

Malone and Morinville both strongly believe that it was their efforts, not the 11th-hour affair story, that put Taylor under the 50% mark, forcing him to a runoff against Self.

They pointed out that by the time the story hit over 60% of the votes had already been cast through early voting.

The inventors and their supporters also gave credit to training they received from the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership as a reason for the success for their program.

While the Foundation does not get involved in campaigns or in any way support or oppose candidates, they do train activists, like Josh Malone and Paul Morinville that do.

Their work and success in this effort is a testimony to the training the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership provides.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

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