This retired NBA star said something about Clarence Thomas that is sure to infuriate you

    Actors, musicians and athletes are too often willing to alienate half their fan base by voicing their political opinions and concerns.

    Many ignorantly spoke out following the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

    However, what this retired NBA star said about Clarence Thomas is sure to infuriate you.

    Democrat politicians, radical Leftist activists, blue-checkmarks on Twitter and green-hair Social Justice Snowflakes are still losing their minds following the Supreme Court of the United State’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade and return abortion decisions to individual states.

    Celebrities are also weighing in and pretending the ruling “took away rights” from women.

    At a recent concert, singer Halsey tried brainwashing a crowd of largely young women into believing killing babies is a choice they should be allowed to make.

    However, according to attendees, a large portion of the crowd took the Left-wing lecture as their cue to beat the traffic and head for the exit.

    A slew of other female celebritards have followed suit, including: Olivia Rodrigo; Megan Thee Stallion; Phoebe Bridgers; and Billie Eilish.

    Meanwhile, Greenday’s Billie Joe Armstrong has threatened to leave the United States over the SCOTUS decision.

    Unless he heads to Canada, he’ll likely be moving to a country with more strict abortion restrictions than he’ll find here in America.

    But it isn’t just musicians, former athletes are also getting in on the action – even ones who didn’t play for the WNBA.

    Former NBA star Rex Chapman thinks that because he hit about a third of the three-pointers he hoisted in his playing career, you should take your political and civics lessons from him.

    The CNN+ host – for about three weeks before the streaming platform folded – is now calling Justice Clarence Thomas a white supremacist.

    Of course, Thomas is not only black, but was the only black person who was a part of the decision – and Chapman is white.

    Nevermind the fact that the ruling will disproportionately save black babies.

    According to Centers for Disease Control data from 2019, black women had the highest abortion rates per capita of any race in America.

    In fact, according to the CDC, more than 38% of all black pregnancies were aborted in 2019.

    But that didn’t stop Chapman, who was last relevant in the late 90’s, from going on an unhinged Twitter tirade – with Justice Thomas as his target.

    For some reason, the fact that Justice Thomas spoke at a Christian College with a largely white graduating class is a problem for the zero-time NBA All Star.

    “The time Justice Clarence Thomas attended the graduation event of Christendom college students along with Late Justice Antonin Scalia’s son,” Chapman tweeted. “2018. Not another person of color in the picture…Such a champion. Lol. I think the thing I think is most funny about this is that these white kids and their parents view this as their entry into black America.”

    Apparently, the fact that Thomas has better things to do with his time than watch grown men throw a ball through a hoop is also a clear indication that Thomas is a black, white Supremacist.

    “Clarence Thomas would last 20-30 seconds in an NBA locker room,” Chapman tweeted. “Why have you never seen Clarence Thomas at an NBA game? As in — ever? Bill Clinton used to come to our games in Landover with the Bullets. Clarence Thomas – never.”

    While most Leftist are calling for the high court to be stacked with Biden appointees, and for Thomas to be impeached — other radicals on social media have gone as far to call for violence against Thomas.

    That, combined with the assassination attempt against Justice Brett Kavanaugh has led to the Marshal of the Supreme Court to request Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to use police force to exercise the law and put an end to the non-stop protesting and harassment taking place outside the doxed homes of the Republican-appointed justices of the court.

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