This recently released document shows why many illegal aliens are in favor of Biden’s vaccine mandates

Many Americans are outraged over Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Even the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered OSHA to put a temporary stop on enforcement of the mandate on businesses due to possible Constitutional issues.

But now this recently released document shows why many illegal aliens are in favor of Biden’s vaccine mandates.

The crisis at the southern border continues to rage on and the Biden administration is doing nothing about it.

Instead, they’re focused on forcing Americans to get the COVID vaccine, and they’re using every possible measure to make it happen.

No sooner did Joe Biden step into the Oval Office than he swung the doors to the southern border wide open.

It has been an absolute disaster ever since and has put the security of the United States and its citizens at risk.

Despite the mounting issues at the border, Biden continues to focus on getting people vaccinated, even if he has to force them to do it.

Now Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate is about to make the crisis at the southern border even worse.

The executive order issued by Biden that mandates all federal employees be vaccinated goes into effect on November 22.

So, why is this making the border crisis look even darker than it already does?

Border Patrol agents fall under Joe Biden’s mandate.

And according to a new Fox News report, almost 50 percent of the Border Patrol workforce could be terminated on November 22 because of Biden’s vaccine mandate.

The report leaked by Fox News states:

CBP laid out three scenarios regarding the officers who have yet to report their status. The vaccine mandate may not increase attrition from Fiscal Year 2021 levels (scenario 1), in which case the agency would lose about 1,130 agents, dropping the force of 19,536 to 18,403.

Alternately, agents who have not yet responded will have gotten vaccinated at the same rate as those who have responded (scenario 2), so the agency would lose 3,084 agents, leaving the force with 16,452 agents.

In the worst-case scenario, agents who have not reported their status have done so because they refuse to take the jab, and so they will be terminated (scenario 3). In that case, net attrition could exceed 11,523 agents, leaving a mere 8,013 border agents on patrol.

The Border Patrol agents already can’t keep up with the flood of illegals entering the country and now they’re going to lose employees because of a vaccine.

“The Border Patrol cannot afford to lose a single member of its workforce while the crisis at the border continues to spiral out of control,” stated President of the National Border Patrol Council, Jon Anfinsen.

This, of course, means more illegals will be entering the United States by way of an even weaker southern border because they’re not subject to Joe Biden’s mandates.

Joe Biden should be thrown out of office for this.

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