This rapper and a billionaire political donor shocked everyone by joining forces on a major political battle

Politics can have a tendency to create strange bedfellows, bringing together the most unlikely allies around a common goal.

But in today’s ultra-partisan political climate, it’s become increasingly rare to see folks work across the aisle to get things done.

Which is exactly why everyone was shocked when this rapper and a billionaire political donor recently joined forces on a major political battle.

If there’s one thing American history has proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it’s that prohibition simply does not work.

The prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s and early 1930s was a colossal failure, and gave rise to organized crime thanks to the tens of millions of dollars mafiosos like Al Capone were able to rake in every year.

In much the same way, marijuana prohibition has been a failure, costing taxpayers billions of dollars every single year, fueling drug cartels that continue to terrorize the world, and imprisoning millions of Americans – most of which were non-violent offenders who merely had possession of a small amount.

Things have begun to change, though, as 36 states have legalized marijuana for medical use thanks to the fact that it has proven to have significant medicinal value, while 15 others have made total legalization a reality.

And thanks to the fact that those state-by-state experiments have all been a success, and haven’t created the issues opponents of legalization claimed it would, over two-thirds of Americans currently support the legalization of marijuana.

Now, what may appear to be the most unlikely political duo of all-time are joining forces to work together on making federal legalization a reality.

Last summer, rapper Snoop Dogg and conservative billionaire political donor Charles Koch came together for a Zoom meeting setup by Weldon Angelos, the founder of The Weldon Project, a non-profit that works to release people from prison who are locked up for marijuana offenses.

From that meeting, Koch, Snoop, and Angelos decided to team up on a new coalition called the Cannabis Freedom Alliance.

According to a statement released Tuesday announcing its launch, the organization’s mission is to “end the prohibition, criminalization, and overregulation of cannabis in the United States,” while aiming “to do so in a manner consistent with helping all Americans achieve their full potential and limiting the number of barriers that inhibit innovation and entrepreneurship in a free and open market.”

On the surface it may seem odd that a 85-year-old conservative billionaire political donor like Charles Koch is teaming up with Snoop Dogg, but it actually makes perfect sense.

Koch may be despised by the Left for his years of conservative activism, but he’s always had a strong and prevalent libertarian streak, and above all else believes in a free market and individual liberty.

And, of course, outside of Willie Nelson, there may be no celebrity more pro-marijuana than Snoop Dogg, and he’s an international celebrity who’s been incredibly successful in his own right.

With the help of Angelos, who has been fighting for legalization since he was pardoned in January by President Donald Trump after spending 13 years in prison for marijuana trafficking, this new coalition may be the right combination at the right time to actually make this a reality.

“We can’t cut with one scissor blade. We need Republicans in order to pass [a legalization bill],” Angelos told POLITICO. “We need 10 to 12 Republican Senators. With Koch’s influence, I think that’s likely a possibility.”

For his part, Koch will bring his considerable financial resources to the table, as well as his massive conservative political network.

The Cannabis Freedom Alliance is made up of several organizations, including the Koch-backed group Americans For Prosperity, The Weldon Project, the libertarian Reason Foundation, and the Global Alliance For Cannabis.

In a statement, Brent Gardner, the chief of government affairs officer for Americans For Prosperity, expressed the conservative free market advocacy group’s enthusiasm for the new coalition.

“Americans for Prosperity is excited to work alongside our partners to bring cannabis businesses into the light, replacing black and gray markets with a free and fair legal framework,” Gardner said. “Cannabis commerce will become a way for Americans to lift themselves up, rather than a barrier holding them back.”

America has been moving toward legalization for years, but there were previously still a few roadblocks standing in the way, such as former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who refused to ever even consider such a move.

However, now that an all-time high number of Americans support legalization, the door for a legalization push may just be open.

As Angelos pointed out, there are currently only a handful of Republican votes needed in the Senate to pass a legalization bill.

On top of that, few groups have the level of pull with mainstream conservative voters that Americans For Prosperity does, and coupled with the Reason Foundation’s standing in libertarian circles, their partnership in this initiative could put mainstream conservatives and libertarians on the same page, which rarely ever happens.

That’s exactly why this partnership between Charles Koch and Snoop Dogg is so significant.

With AFP and the Reason Foundation activating grassroots voters, Koch pushing all of the Republicans he has supported over the years, and Snoop helping bring awareness to the mainstream public this may be the perfect legalization storm.

This new coalition will seemingly have all of the bases covered, and can actually put up the biggest, most well-organized and well-funded fight for marijuana legalization this nation has ever seen.

Put simply, it’s always been a matter of when marijuana legalization will happen, not if it will happen.

And now, the only actual question is just how quickly it’s going to become a reality.

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