This railroaded Trump associate spoke one truth about Biden’s economy that made Democrats shudder

    The Democrats are desperate to patch up Joe Biden’s leaky administration.

    They’re looking for anyone to blame for Biden’s struggling economy.

    And this railroaded Trump associate spoke one truth about Biden’s economy that made Democrats shudder.

    George Papadopoulos, who briefly worked for the Trump campaign, was framed up amid the Russiagate hoax.

    Papadopoulos was accused of being some Russian intermediary, but the scurrilous claims fell apart and there’s more evidence suggesting he was the target of a failed setup.

    Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation will likely shed more light on the entire scandal.

    In the meantime, Papadopoulos is taking shots at the Biden administration, particularly Biden’s performance.

    He tweeted that inflation was at 1.4% under Donald Trump, but it has ballooned to 8.3% on Joe Biden’s watch.

    Left-wing economists like Paul Krugman said that Trump’s economy would be a disaster and robust growth rates were a relic of the past.

    Trump proved them wrong.

    Biden went full speed ahead with the nonsensical modern monetary theory that suggests spending is irrelevant, and America can go into as much debt as possible.

    But now Americans are reaping the whirlwind of his excessive spending.

    Biden has continually told the lie that inflation is not tied to government spending, but he is dead wrong.

    Inflation is the result of more dollars chasing few goods and services, which is the result of massive spending in the form of unnecessary stimulus.

    Economists believe that the stimulus from the beginning of the Biden administration led to a 3.5% increase in inflation.

    So the rate of inflation could be 4.8%, which is still too high, but it’s nowhere close to the catastrophic numbers the country has seen.

    Inflation is at a 40-year high, and if using the old Consumer Price Index that was used in 1982, the real inflation rate is probably closer to double the current number.

    The Democrats have attempted to blame the inflation on “Putin’s price hike,” but gas prices have been going up since Biden took office.

    The pandemic certainly hurt the economy, but blue state Governors and Mayors made it significantly worse.

    Red states like Florida and South Dakota that didn’t handicap their economies did fine.

    The COVID hysterics on the Left hampered the economy, and Biden shares blame in that.

    In fact, he shares some blame for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine because he all but gave Vladimir Putin the greenlight when he downplayed the consequences of a “minor incursion.”

    Biden has been a disaster as President, and he has to own the bad economic numbers.

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