This pro-Trump GOP candidate just infuriated Joe Biden with one simple comparison

Joe Biden is having a rough first year in the White House – to put it mildly.

His Presidency is becoming a bigger disaster than anyone could have predicted.

And now, this pro-Trump GOP candidate just infuriated Joe Biden with one simple comparison.

The race for Senator Rob Portman’s seat in Ohio is looking to be one of the most contentious in the 2022 midterms.

Portman, a Republican, is retiring and that is leaving a vacant seat Democrats and Republicans are both desperate to scoop up.

At this point, close to a dozen Republican candidates have thrown their hats in the ring making the race one to watch.

Bernie Moreno is a wealthy car dealer from Cleveland and one of the current Republican frontrunners in the race for the nomination.

Moreno is an immigrant to the U.S. from Colombia and that is a point he is heavily emphasizing.

He’s also found himself the recipient of some very impressive endorsements.

Former Trump Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, and former Senior Counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, are both supporting Moreno’s campaign.

Now Moreno is calling out Joe Biden and his miserable performance as President.

In his first major TV ad, Moreno compares Biden to failed Democrat President Jimmy Carter.

“My parents came here for the American dream . . . A dream briefly crushed by Jimmy Carter. Now Joe Biden and the Socialists are re-running the same playbook. I’ll stop Biden before he destroys America,” Moreno’s ad states.

Moreno’s campaign is spending $4 million on this ad.

Many expect the ad to give Moreno’s campaign a much needed boost, especially given the national attention it’s received from outlets like Fox News.

Biden’s mishandling of the border, the economy and COVID pandemic has caused many to question what is really happening in the White House.

More Americans like Bernie Moreno are rising up to take on the Left and its radical policies and it has Joe Biden very nervous.

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