This prison sentence has Hunter Biden shaking in his boots

The Biden crime family is finally being put under scrutiny.

Son Hunter has made a series of questionable business deals that are now being investigated.

Now, this prison sentence has Hunter Biden shaking in his boots.

The corporate press along with Big Tech conspired to suppress Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” scandal.

The New York Post’s bombshell report on the story was admittedly suppressed on Facebook, and banned from being shared on Twitter.

And legacy media outlets dismissed the story as “Russian disinformation.”

But as soon as Joe Biden won the election, the press quietly admitted that Hunter was under investigation related to charges detailed in the Post’s story.

Now that the Democrats have successfully installed Joe Biden as president, Hunter’s suspicious business dealings are finally getting a hard look.

And Hunter’s business partner Devon Archer was just sentenced to one year in prison and ordered to forfeit $15.7 million.

Archer was also ordered to pay $43.4 million in restitution related to an elaborate scheme to defraud a Native American tribe.

The Daily Mail reported that, “Archer was convicted in 2018 alongside two of his business partners in the Burnham Financial Group for defrauding the Oglala Sioux Indian tribe out of the proceeds of bond sales. During the trial it emerged that Hunter’s name was used in literature promoting the scheme and was named as a witness.”

Hunter was able to distance himself from the scam before getting fully embroiled in it, but he’s been friends and business partners with Archer for decades.

Hunter’s attorney George Mesires said:

“The defendants invoked and used Hunter’s name – without his knowledge – to lend their business venture more credibility…As soon as Hunter learned of the illegal conduct, and that his name was being used in this unauthorized and inappropriate manner, Hunter took immediate steps to ensure that his business interests would not be associated with the Burnham Group or with any of the defendants.”

However, emails show that Hunter was in constant contact with Archer before and after the scam.

According to The Daily Mail, Hunter “was involved with other deals with the company and Archer throughout the period it was perpetrating the $60 million fraud from 2014 to 2016.”

Hunter was flying around the globe picking up bags of cash for his father while embroiled in one shady business deal after another.

He has admittedly left multiple laptops chock-full of compromising information in various hotel rooms.

And one of his ex-girlfriends recently testified before the grand jury for several hours detailing Hunter’s spending habits with regards to an investigation into his tax affairs.

The walls could be closing in on Hunter as the corrupt deals are put under a microscope.

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